Poetry Tributes to Clark Ashton Smith

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Dora Dulcamara

“A lad, his life not quarter-done,
Lies quiet in the puzzled sun.
She\'s stroked his limbs, she\'s kissed his eyes:… ” (26 December)

Dora Dulcamara

“Each year sets a thicker mesh
To catch our wet and fragile flesh;
And yawn it soon or yawn it late,… ” (26 December)

Dora Dulcamara

“She speaks in scent
And from her mouth
Waft odours of… ” (26 December)

Sandor Szabo

“In vigilambulism
The night was lost it seems
Held in the searing clutches… ” (26 December)



“My love\'s a stranger, subtler mystery it seems
far weirder than a disregarded deity\'s dreams
who tho\' ageless once into immortal realms begotten… ” (30 December)

Morgan Griffith

“As spectral breath on guttering coals
Igniting ash to undulant flame---
Ever shall thy visions endure.… ” (7 February)


Christopher Alderman

“His ghost disgorged a body; built of ice,
Hurtled beyond the unpondered orb of men,
Frozen in dark aphelions again… ” (29 November)

Phillip A. Ellis

“I would summon you,
my demonness,
for a respite from ennui… ” (29 November)

Phillip A. Ellis

“Heaven may be waiting,
Hell may stay below,
Earth is where my heart resides… ” (29 November)

Glynn Barrass

“Shivering and slobbering in his dreams,
Toad faced bat god beneath the earth,
In N’kai dwells Tsathoggua,… ” (29 November)

Dennis L. Siluk

“(A poetic tale from Oakland Cemetery,
In St. Paul, Minnesota, 1971)
… ” (18 April)


Frederick Mayer

“Darkness, darkness my room,
darkens me, becomes my Gethsemane garden;
here no one within… ” (20 October)

Phillip A. Ellis

“I could not find my love;
the mist was deep.
It seemed she left my side… ” (20 October)

Phillip A. Ellis

“Over the desert, a thin dust of dust
sifted down with the evening breeze. We'd come
upon the word of Orthodesun, traveller,… ” (20 October)

Phillip A. Ellis

“So solemnly I sang this song:

My love, the stars are as a dust… ” (20 October)

Phillip A. Ellis

“The images of all the stars are
as a censer pouring smoke
through a distant temple ancient,… ” (20 October)

Dennis L. Siluk

“Cold are the massive ramparts of deep Hell
Demonic beasts stand waiting by their posts:
Agaliarept, the Henchman of the host… ” (16 February)

Dennis L. Siluk

“I have no old gifts for thee
No perfumes or Vampric words:
Only my hate that storms in me… ” (16 February)

Dennis L. Siluk

“The Nephilm
(Cold Twilight)) A Short Epic Poem))
… ” (16 February)

Dennis L. Siluk

“[Dedicated to the: Raphiam Giants]

'T was far absent, 't was far missing,… ” (16 February)

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