Articles about Clark Ashton Smith's Visual Arts

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Eleanor Fait

“Sculpture from the native rock around Auburn is one of the arts to which Clark Ashton Smith devotes himself.… ? (6 January)


Dennis Rickard

“The first section of this listing deals with some CAS carvings, and was compiled and described by Smith for The Arkham Sampler (Winter, 1948 -… ? (31 January)

Gerry de la Ree

“The following carvings are described in Smith's words whenever possible. Those listed as "untitled" were no doubt originally given names, but they have been lost… ? (31 January)

Dennis Rickard

“Shortly before his death in 1961, Clark Ashton Smith began work on a chapbook dealing with his sculptures and paintings. This projected volume, however, went… ? (31 January)

Graham Wilson

“The fantastic sculptures, shards and drawings pictured in this book give generous proof that their creator, Clark Ashton Smith, was an eccentric and persistently independent… ? (31 January)

Dennis Rickard

“The man whose art is discussed in this booklet was a unique artist of almost phenomenal scope, range of talent and ability to express his… ? (31 January)


Dennis Rickard

“Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961) was a versatile man. As a poet, author, and sculptor, he has long since been established as one of the leading… ? (31 October)


Dennis Rickard

“CLARK ASHTON Smith's life was intimately connected to rocks and minerals, so it is not surprising that he sought to use them as a means… ? (31 May)

Dennis Rickard

“A fragment of Smith's notes toward the planned but uncompleted Cthulhu and Others in Stone showed that his "fantastic drawings preceded carvings by 19 years."… ? (31 March)


Boyd Pearson

“ EveningWatercolour and gold ink Landscape with several types of trees, bushes and flowers Apparitions from the VaultDifferent coloured crayons Phantoms of diverse form… ? (30 November)

Boyd Pearson

“A catalogue of the art work inspired by andor illustrating the publications of Clark Ashton SmithHerb Arnold Illustrations for CAS-NyctalopsGeorge Barr Cover Art: Zothique Ballantine… ? (30 November)

Boyd Pearson

“Artists who Richard Frahm and Boyd Pearson think capture the Clark Ashton Smith spirit in some way. Containing both the well known and the not… ? (30 April)

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