Poetry Tributes to Clark Ashton Smith

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Frederick J. Mayer

“Rain falling into jungle green,
pain calling forth in flora's scream,
eyes not so round staring… ” (31 December)

Phillip A. Ellis

“Brilliant night, domain of stars
scintilliant domain of rubied Mars,
weave your light in mystic runes
… ” (30 November)

Phillip A. Ellis

“Under the heavens, behemoths breathe
under the stars, ghosts arise,
under the moon, twisted as wreaths,
… ” (30 September)

Phillip A. Ellis

“A tower of cunning work was wrought
over an abyss of sickening vastness.

… ” (30 September)

Michael Fantina

“I am the eternal mage incarnate;
My staff is worked with runes from crown to haft,
With me all sorcery, all magic craft.
… ” (30 June)

John Ayres

“Reflections upon gazing at a photograph of the writer, sculptor and
poet, Clark Ashton Smith, taken circa 1960

… ” (30 June)


Frederick Mayer

“I was raised
on faerie tales,
but my castles
… ” (31 October)

Frederick Mayer

“Behind sky mask it
open pachychilla
… ” (31 October)

Frederick Mayer

“There is a thyme
wizards give
as visions in sync
… ” (31 October)

Frederick Mayer

“Dedicated to Jeenie Yoo

Beholds, imbued melancholy
… ” (31 October)

Frederick Mayer

“Slowly, sun sets, burning horizon,
skylight fingers bend toward earth,
jungle heat with slinky fluidity
… ” (31 October)

Frederick Mayer

“Virgin dream in your rawed mind's matter,
grows till it is a brain's flawed jewel,
a still-born wisdom's pearl...
… ” (31 October)


Frank Searight

“My child, there lived in hoary days of yore
A necromancer no force could withstand,
Who conquered, with a blend of awful plagues,
… ” (31 December)


Fermín Moreno González

“Among both bent wooden crosses and the stink of many a tomb
therein lies my former love like a foetus in its womb
vainly awaiting a birthtime which will never be anymore,
… ” (31 December)

Fermín Moreno González

“Into a carved stony dome
like a smirky evilish gnome
lo! the lonely man bends down
… ” (30 November)

Gavin Edmund Smith

“A poet-pilgrim searching for magic,
A single night's pause in his journey's track;
A seeker of lore of epics tragic,
… ” (30 June)

H P Lovecraft

“A time-black tower against dim banks of cloud;
Around its base the pathless pressing wood.
Shadow and silence, moss and mould, pressing wood
… ” (30 April)

Fermín Moreno González

“Snow peaked, treeless summit,
before me a mountain rises
cloaked in the grimmest climate,
… ” (29 February)

Fermín Moreno González

“At any moment I will fly
along with an unknown species
into one same whirlwind
… ” (29 February)

Simon Whitechapel

“I stand beneath a sea of light,
And to the sun I lift and lout
Atop this tower of ice-white stone,
… ” (31 January)

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