A Testimony from Hell

Dennis L. Siluk

Cold are the massive ramparts of deep Hell
       Demonic beasts stand waiting by their posts:
       Agaliarept, the Henchman of the host
He, guards the unholy profound supreme:

Eternity waits—thine war-abyss eyes:
       Here the cosmic demons pace and lye;
       Underneath the oceans surface, and its tides,
Waiting to take control, of contending skies.

Down Hell's corridors: flames sweep the deep
       Blood hath wet, the devouring trodden walls:
       Thunder, unbigoted, unresting, orbits—;
Immeasurable nights, fume the halls.

Here, ye— eternal gates (for fates) lift up
       For humankinds, induce unnumbered tears
       Here, ye—the mammoth disc, of the vast sun
Beams realms of blood-red dark tow'rs of death!

O dim bowls of fire, with faint unrest
       Thine silence now rules the ghostly deep
       Held by the pyres of the spectral past:
"Be patient," says Satan; we'll rule the weak!

Day shall soon befall this ungraceful abyss
       Time shall unwind, darken dungeons: put off
       And the legions of Hell, serve God'
The near doom of mankind: Hell's spawning.

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