Literary Criticism on the Works of Clark Ashton Smith

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Daniel Quinn

“Abstract In this essay I propose that both Charlotte Perkins Gilman's system of androcentric commerce and Luce Irigaray's "hom(m)o-sexual monopoly" are elements as pervasive as… ? (14 August)

Simon Whitechapel

“ Das ewig-Wörtliche zog ihn hinan.Goethe (adapted). mixing drinks to taste for his customers. Sometimes his bar is very long and the… ? (5 April)


John Kipling Hitz

“AchernarOne of the 20 brightest stars; Alpha in the constellation Eridanus.>Arabic akhir al-nahr end of the river "As hero of a quest Achernar lights" ("The… ? (29 November)

John Kipling Hitz

“Abbadon the angel of the "bottomless pit" of Rev. ix. 11; hell (see Gehenna)abdominous big-bellied ("an abdominous jar of uncolored glass")abjuration… ? (6 October)

Frederick J. Mayer

“AI designed the INTERNATIONAL CLARK ASHTON SMITH POETRY AWARD (1978-1985) which was presented yearly down in Southern California at "Fantasy Faire."… ? (30 June)


Charles K.Wolfe

“Clark Ashton Smith was one of our foremost practitioners of fantasy, but he was also a writer very much aware of exactly what he was… ? (31 December)

T. G. Cockcroft

“Not every reader of Wonder Stories, it seems, was impressed by C. A. Smith's contributions. This paragraph is found in a letter, bearing the names… ? (31 December)

Steve Behrends

“With this second issue of The Dark Eidolon, the Journal of Clark Ashton Smith Studies (formerly Klarkash-Ton), we join the family of publications under the… ? (30 November)

Mike Ashley

“Unique, as an absolute, is not a word that requires qualification, but for the benefit of emphasis I think it is fair to say that… ? (30 November)

Dan Clore

“Clark Ashton Smith's two stories featuring Satampra Zeiros ("The Tale of Satampra Zeiros" and "The Theft of the Thirty-Nine Girdles") pose an interesting question--does the… ? (30 November)

Steve Behrends

“The prose and poetry of Clark Ashton Smith, while it has known periods of relative notoriety and even popularity, has heretofore never received substantial critical… ? (30 September)

Simon Whitechapel

“ אמת מארץ תצמח וצדק משמים נשקף תהלים פה יאTruth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven. Psalms 85:11.… ? (30 April)

Patrick Mallet

“A short presentation of a on-going, still to be published role-playing game, based on the world of Zothique.zothique_rpg_presentation.pdf (961kb)… ? (31 March)

Ryan Harvey

“In the beginning, there was Clark Ashton Smith……in the end, there was Clark Ashton Smith.Smith was a one-man literary movement, an alpha and omega unto… ? (31 March)


Phillip A. Ellis

“"If the text is worth its salt, it will survive being 'visualized'. If it meets its match, then word and image will marry, as happened… ? (31 July)

Simon Whitechapel

“The scientific spirit, which cannot leave anything alone and aspires to draw the whole universe of objects, people, ideas and even feelings into its… ? (30 June)

Scott Connors

“When Current Opinion reviewed Clark Ashton Smith's first book of poetry, The Star-Treader and Other Poems (1912), they began by noting that "The appearance of… ? (31 May)

Divers hands

“The abomination of desolation by Phillip A. EllisThe Absence of the Muse by Phillip A. EllisThe Abyss Triumphant by Phillip A. Ellis… ? (30 April)

Chris Jarocha-Ernst

“The friendship of Clark Ashton Smith and Howard Phillips Lovecraft began in letters in 1922 and progressed over the years as each became famous to… ? (31 January)

Fra. TenebrousXIIIº

“ For here, apart, dwells one whose hands have wroughtStrange eidola that chill the world with fear;Whose graven runes in tomes of dread have taughtWhat… ? (31 January)

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