Phillip A. Ellis

So solemnly I sang this song:

My love, the stars are as a dust
of light that mark the bourns of lust.

We may not breach the outer lands
where stars are as uncounted sands.

The nameless glimmer through the night
beyond the edge of human sight.

And past our lives that fail here, now,
no human hand could sow or plough

the fields with stars of white and red,
the stars of love, of fear, of dread.

My love, the star uncountable
alone will know their fellows' pull

towards a starless, lifeless sea
that marks the realms of entropy.

And heat shall dissipate at last
into the past, into the past.

And dwarf and giant alike die,
fading from all forms of sky

in planets quickly turned to dust
alike the dregs of bitter lust.

So solemnly I sing this song
that never shall exist for long.

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