The Nephilm

Dennis L. Siluk

The Nephilm
(Cold Twilight)) A Short Epic Poem))

The twilight was cold
Only warm garments
>From pelts to cover their flesh!
(They came in the middle of winter
To the circle of the Raphaim
Came descending from the heavens
(The Shinning Ones, the Nephilm);
Came from the cosmos,
To put yokes around the necks
Of humankind--humanity's loveliest!
To put yokes around their shadows
In the cold twilight of the night;
They had come to kill Jews
To subdue Jerusalem
To make there woes right.
(Old Giants of old,
Angelic renegades;
Watchers from the Heavens.)

When they slept, they rested&--
Besides a roaring fire!...
And the wind and air filled with
Whirling particles, Pieces of faces,
Shadows exposed--all with deep
Yellowish-red glows.

Damned by God, His rebellious foes
(These giant with pre-historic souls));
This gray ocean of demonic beasts
Blazing a path through history:
Came with sullen roars of madness
Of revenge for old woes...!

Written at El Parquetito, Lima, Peru

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