To and from Clark Ashton Smith


“Your card and letter at hand. I am glad you like the photograph, but really, it isn't a very good one. To me the eye… ”

“This isn't to remind you that you haven't reported yet on the poems that I sent you in October, for I am sure you have… ”


“I must first thank you for your lovely sonnets. I blush to think that "The Coming Singer" is meant for me, for I have not… ”

“Many thanks for your sonnets! Both are good, and I can't criticize except to say that I like "Respite" a little the better of the… ”

“I've just received your letter, and the clipping from the Transcript. Your ode seems to me by all odds the best of the lot; the… ”

“I think you are the "outstanding comrade." I'm sincerely surprised by your judgement of Nero, even though I find, on re-reading it, that it doesn't… ”


“ … ”


“… ”


“… ”


“Cleveland, Ohio
August 12, 1922 My dear Mr. Smith:—I trust you will pardon the liberty taken by an absolute stranger in writing you, for I… ”

“Sept. 27, 1922 598 Angell St. My dear Mr. Smith:--It is needless to say that I was vastly pleased to receive your reply to my… ”

“598 Angell St. November 12, 1922 Dear Mr. Smith:--.....The enclosed published series, Herbert West—Reanimator, represents my poorest work—stuff done to order for a vulgar magazine,… ”

“598 Angell St. Dec. 2, 1922 Dear Mr. Smith:--I decided to wait till the whole story (The Lurking Fear) was done before sending you anything,… ”


“598 Angell St.
Jany. 11, 1923 My dear Smith:--I am indeed glad the California press is cordial toward the book—even if the critics have to… ”

“598 Angell St.
March 25, 1923 My dear Smith:--My card sent from Salem last month attempted in a feeble way to express the delirious delight… ”

“It seems incredible that I have had your last letter on my desk for over a month without answering it. I have been busy, for… ”

“598 Angell St.
July 30, 1923 My dear Smith:--.....I shall be 33 next month, & am already falling into the role of the comfortable, benevolent… ”

“598 Angell St.
Octr. 17, 1923 My dear Smith:--.....Galpin is a case. With the most brilliant, accurate, steel-cold intellect I have ever encountered, he is… ”


“598 Angell St.
Jany. 25, 1924 My dear Smith:—. . . . . Like you, I don't know anyone who is at all congenial here;… ”


“169 Clinton St.,
Brooklyn, N.Y. (c. Sept 1, 1925) My dear Smith:-....Most certainly, the abysses of interstellar space from your province par excellence, & I… ”

“169 Clinton St.,
Brooklyn, N. Y. Septr. 20, 1925 My dear Smith:—I enclose the newest of my tales, which (as oddity would have it) I've… ”

“West New Brighton, N.Y.
September 20, 1925My dear Clark Ashton Smith:A few days ago I sent you a copy of The Literary Review of New York… ”

“169 Clinton St.
Brooklyn, N. Y. Octr. 9, 1925 Dear C A S:—. . . . . No-I've never read any of the jargon of… ”

“Brooklyn N. Y December 27, 1925. Dear CAS:-Yes - Loveman said that De Casseries (whom I haven't met) was getting in to pretty close &… ”


“169 Clinton St.,
Brooklyn, N. Y. Feby. 9, 1926 Dear CAS:But if psychological encouragement have any physical effect, your pictures ought to make you rebound… ”

“10 Barnes St.
May 14, 1926Dear C A S:—I was very glad to hear from you, & agree that poetry & painting are complementary rather than… ”

“10 Barnes St June 17, 1926 Dear C A S:—I have not been writing fiction lately—not because the lack of recognition means anything to me… ”

“10 Barnes St. Aug. 9, 1926 Dear C A S:—I haven't read The Silver Stallion yet, but may in time. Irony used to interest me… ”

“Octbr. 12, 1926 10 Barnes St. Dear C A S:—I was very glad to hear from you, & to receive the critique I have so… ”

“10 Barnes St. Octr. 29, 1926 Dear C A S:—...... This Wandrei must certainly be an interesting character, having the tastes he does; & I'm… ”

“10 Barnes St. Novr. 16, 1926 Dear C A S:—As to romanticism & fantasy—I myself dislike the former except in the latter form. To me… ”

“10 Barnes St. Decr. 11 1926 Dear C A S:—Sterling's death was indeed an unfortunate thing for the arts, though I presume he was himself… ”


“10 Barnes St. Jany. 21, 1927 Dear C.A.S:—Your letter arrived yesterday—& meanwhile you no doubt have my postal commenting on Wandrei's work. I was really… ”

“10 Barnes St. Feby. 18, 1927 Dear C A S:—.......... New York is too far removed from the main stream of any one civilisation to… ”

“10 Barnes St. March 15, 1927 Dear C A S:—.......... Weird Tales has just accepted his Twilight of Time, (which Wright wants to rename The… ”

“March 24, 1927 Dear C A S:—I've just written a new tale—or atmospheric study—which I'll shew you when I get it typed. It's called The… ”

“To: Clark Ashton Smith
Box 385,
California. “Still another conclave! Wandrei & Belhuap are both in their respective heavens… ”

“May 12, 1927 Dear C A S:—Enclosed is The Colour Out of Space, which you can return at your convenience. It lacks compactness & climax,… ”

“June 3, 1927 Dear C A S:—Pardon the paper—but I'm writing in the open air, in a park-like embankment overlooking the outspread roofs & antient… ”

“June 24, 1927 Dear C A S:Chambers is like Rupert Hughes & a few other fallen Titans—equipped with the right brains & education, but wholly… ”

“ Postcard reads:Clark Ashton Smith, Esq., Box 388, Auburn, California -addressed in Lovecraft's hand.Postmarked:Newport, R.I.,… ”

“10 Barnes St. July 15, 1927 Dear C A S:—Wandrei is a great boy, & you will certainly be glad when he makes that future… ”

“10 Barnes St. August 2, 1927 Dear C A S:—I was exceedingly pleased to hear of your vivid vacation, & can picture something of the… ”

“ Aug 30, 1927Working slowly homeward via the quaintest towns I can find. Portsmouth yesterday,… ”

“10 Barnes St. Oct. 1, 1927 Dear CAS:-Your letter arrived very opportunely, amidst the carnival of fantastic enjoyment caused by the paintings which Wandrei forwarded… ”

“10 Barnes St. Octr. 15, 1927 Dear C A S:—As to futility & work—I have come to the comfortably elderly condition of not caring a… ”

“10 Barnes St. Novr. 27, 1927 Dear C A S:-I have had no chance to produce new material this autumn, but have been classifying notes… ”


“10 Barnes St. Jany. 31, 1928 Dear C A S:—O'Brien isn't going to reprint The Colour Out of Space, but merely wants to mention me… ”

“I am sorry your revisory work ties you down so much, and gives you so little time for creative effort, But I know how it… ”

“10 Barnes St. April 19, 1928 Dear C A S:—just now I'm feeling rather like a Californian, because I have old de Castro's memoirs of… ”

“There isn't much news — I've been picking fruit for… ”

“… ”

“August 31, 1928 To Klarkash-Ton, High-Priest of Atlantis, All Hail!I have managed to snatch the time to write one new tale—which is now in Dwyer's… ”


“March 22, 1929 Dear C A S:—I was exceedingly glad to receive yours of the 10th, with the sheaf of delectable poetry enclosed. There isn't… ”

“April 14, 1929 My dear Klarkash-Ton:—Yes—that letter from a witch-descendant was rather unusual, & I am still hoping for dark data when she gets ready… ”

“early Oct., 1929 Dear C A S:—By the way—if you want to see a new story which is practically mine, read The Curse of Yig… ”

“By far the best news in your last letter is the intimation that you may do some new original work. I think you would be… ”

“Dec-3, 1929 To Klarkash-Ton, High-Priest of Tsathoggua, Greetings:—I must not delay in expressing my well-nigh delirious delight at The Tale of Satampra Zeiros—which has veritably… ”

“[. . .] I am astounded at the scope of some of your "revisory" labors! I fervently hope you will soon have time for something… ”

“10 Barnes St. Dece. 19, 1929 Dear C. A. S.:—By this time I trust that Belknap has safely returned Satampra Zeiros. The enclosures preceding this… ”


“I enjoyed your last letter hugely — also, F.B.L,'s improvisation, his design for "Satampra Zeiros",… ”

“10 Barnes St. Jany. 17, 1930 Dear Klarkash-Ton:—. . . . Thanks for the Carlsbad Cavern cutting—it was of unusual interest because I have long… ”

“"The Statement of Randolph Carter" is even better than I had remembered it as being — which is saying a good deal. The atmosphere and… ”

“10 Barnes St. Feby. 2, 1930 Dear C A S:—Oh—here are my Yuggothian Fungi, to be returned at leisure. Nothing notable about them—but they at… ”

“10 Barnes St. Feby. 27, 1930 Dear Klarkash-Ton:—And now let me thank you most profoundly & eloquently in advance for those bits of dinosaur bone… ”

“Your delightful letter was most welcome, as always; and I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed the stories, "The Silver Key" is my… ”

“Your southern pasear sounds marvellously inviting, and I know you will enjoy it. Wandrei writes me that he… ”

“The last… ”

“I received the stories some time back, and have re-read both of them several times with revived appreciation. I think "Cthulhu" is my favorite —… ”

“[. . .] "Andromeda" appears next month in Wonder Stories, according to the editors. Also, they want me to do a series of tales about… ”

“Thanks for the tales, both of which are like old friends. "Polaris" is indeed a haunting fantasy; and there are stupendous and supremely original imaginative… ”

“I hope you have received ere this the nameless, pre-human statuette of a divinity who must have come down from ulterior stars and planets with… ”

“I am marvellously pleased and enchanted by your new story, [1] which is a most worthy compere of "The Call of Cthulhu" and "The… ”

“I, too, surmised that the simulachre might well prove to be an ultramundane and pre-human representation of Tsathoggua, but hardly dared to venture my surmise… ”

“Your idea for an interplanetary tale is tremendous. Most interplanetary yarns might as well have been laid on earth — as far as I can… ”

“First of all, to thank you for the loan of The House of Souls, [1]… ”

“My obeisances to the eidolon, whether it be Tsathoggua, Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth — or the eikonistic manifestation of the whole dreadful… ”


“Salutations to a companion in misery! Measles and chicken-pox (I managed to have those at the proper age, along with scarlet fever) are surely an… ”

“I was greatly pleased and gratified by your reaction to "Carnby" -- a tale to which I devoted much thought. The more veiled ending you… ”

“"Manifold and multiform are the horrors that infest the visible ways and the ways unseen. They sleep beneath the unturned stone; they rise with the… ”

“I have purchased many of the issues of your magazine, and have read everything in Them, including the letter columns with great interest. I have… ”

“Your letter came just as I was on the point of writing you to express my… ”

“I received Wandrei's story [1] and your card some days ago. The story is excellent, with a strong ending; but I agree with you… ”

“[. . . Wright] wants me to speed up the first half of "The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis", on the plea that many of his readers… ”

“The card, like the others you have sent from time to time, was very alluring;… ”


“Yes, "Innsmouth" [1] has an atmosphere that one can't shake off in a hurry. I can still smell and taste it! I think that… ”

“Yes, "Innsmouth" has an atmosphere that one can't shake off in a hurry. I can still smell and taste it! I… ”

“I certainly share your despair in regard to ever finding a serviceable fountain-pen — it's the main reason why I have taken to typing most… ”

“No, thank Tsathoggua, the snowstorm didn't arrive. But our recent weather,… ”

“[.… ”

“We have been getting typical April weather here — the proverbial showers and sunshine. The flowers are all a week or two earlier than usual;… ”

“As a result of your instigation, I have striven, with all due necromantic rites, and the burning of Arabian gums in censers well greened with… ”

“ … ”


“I am glad you are going to let Wright use "The Dreams in the Witch House"[1] and I look forward tremendously to the tale's… ”

“Thanks for the view of Hope College, which gives a very… ”

“Thanks for the picture of the Carlsbad subteruanea! It certainly looks like an adytum of that Hyperborean underworld through which the Csmmoriom magistrate and mighty… ”

“I return the Ullman-Knopf communication herewith. Knopf should remove the Borzoi from his imprint, and substitute either the Golden Calf or a jackass with brazen… ”

“This letter would have been written sometime ago if it were not for my program of nursing, doctoring, general housework, etc. My mother's burn is… ”

“I have just finished reading "The Thing on the Doorstep" for the second time, and am re-impressed by its power. The theme is carefully developed… ”


“Returning to Merritt, [1] if you will give me his address, I'll be very glad to send him a copy of The Double Shadow… ”

“[. . .] I have, by the way, received the new Machen book, The Green Round, and have read it with mixed reactions. It is… ”

“From: Clark… ”

“[. . .] Price went back to Oakland, after several sessions under the mystic oak, and initiations into the technique of gold mining. Hope he… ”

“Dear Mr. Searight:
Miss Ione Weber, 41 East 38th St., New York City, is the attorney whom Mr. Lovecraft mentioned to you. She collects debts… ”

“[. . .] I have done what I could toward elucidating the genealogy of Tsathoggua, and am sending Ar-E'ch-Bei the result of my delvings into… ”

“I have made up a package of drawings to loan you and will mail it the first of the week. I might have done this… ”

“It certainly looks as if my answer to your letter were a somewhat delayed "quarterly." In the meanwhile, history has been adding a few glosses… ”

“I fear you have thought me damnably remiss In regard to the letter which I promised you so long ago. But the Truth that my… ”


“I might have written before this, but have been stayed by the realization that you press of correspondence is no doubt far heavier than mine.… ”


“The news of Lovecraft's death seems incredible and nightmarish, and I cannot adjust myself to it. The few meager details in my possession I owe… ”

“I am very glad to hear of the project for an omnibus volume of HPL's work, and am particularly pleased that the task of arrangement,… ”

“I am very glad to hear that matters are progressing satisfactorily, and hope you will get in personal touch with Barlow. Re manuscripts: I have… ”

“It is painful to think of that last month and the agonies evinced in the diary.[1] Wright said something about morphine being administered at… ”

“To the best of my knowledge and belief, HPL, in creating the Cthulhu mythology, can have owed nothing more to Poe, Bierce and Chambers than… ”

“In going through old letters and papers, I came across the April, 1921 issue of The United Co-operative, in which "The Crawling Chaos" was originally… ”

“I have one or two suggestions to offer anent the contents of the primary Lovecraft collection. If a choice is necessary between "The Tomb" and… ”

“From what you say, the instructions as to preservation and arrangement of stories must… ”

“Herewith the draft of your Commentary on HPL, which seems to cover the main points. His modesty about his own work was excessive, to say… ”

“I was delighted to receive your letter - doubly so since I have had it in mind to write you for some time past. Ever… ”

“I received the book on Beddoes which you sent me from… ”

“Your letter of last month was extremely welcome and interesting, and I appreciated seeing the enclosures. I should have answered far more promptly, but seem… ”

“I'd have written long before this except for an uncommonly strenuous program. During July and August my working day usually extended from 6 in the… ”


“Finally, though with some doubt as to their suitability for your purpose, I am mailing you a few of my smaller landscape paintings and drawings.… ”


“Dear Mr. Sackett:
Thanks for your letter and the enclosed check. I was indeed glad to hear from you. I haven't any ash-trays at the… ”

“The copy of The Double Shadow… ”


“Your data are substantially correct, apart from a few minor points. Poe, not Omar Khayya., was the first poet who impressed me, and I'll never… ”


“As for my education, that's easy enough… ”

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