Letter to Clark Ashton Smith

From H. P. Lovecraft

10 Barnes St.

Feby. 2, 1930

Dear C A S:—

Oh—here are my Yuggothian Fungi, to be returned at leisure. Nothing notable about them—but they at least embody certain moods & images. Some of the themes are really more adapted to fiction—so that l shall probably make stories of them whenever I get that constantly-deferred creative opportunity I am always waiting for. You will see something of my scenic or landscape-architectural tendency in these verses—especially suggestions of unplaceable or half-forgotten scenes. These vague, elusive pseudo-memories have haunted me ever since I was an infant, & are quite a typical ingredient of my psychology & aesthetic attitude .............

Yrs in Tsathoggua's name,
Tomeron the Decayed

Selected Letters (Arkham House) 398

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