Reviews of Clark Ashton Smith's Works'

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H.P Lovecraft

“Between the urbane sterilities of our bearded Brahmins and the psycho-analytical clinics of our younger intellectuals, American poetry fares badly indeed; a condition expressed with… ? (30 September)

Benjamin DeCasseres

“Selected Poems. By George Sterling. Henry Holt & Company.Ebony and Crystal. By Clark Ashton Smith. Printed by the Auburn Journal, Auburn, Cal.I bunch these two… ? (30 September)

William Foster Elliot

“Ebony and Crystal, by Clark Ashton Smith: The Auburn Journal Press, Auburn, California, $2.A volume has just been issued from the press of the Auburn… ? (30 September)


“Clark Ashton Smith, "the boy poet of the Sierras," is once more in the public eye with a remarkable book of verse entitled Ebony and… ? (30 September)

Consul Hasting

“"Ebony and Crystal" by Clark Ashton Smith (printed by The Auburn Journal, Auburn, Calif.) (1922)."The Star-Treader, and Other Poems" by Clark Ashton Smith. (A.M. Robertson,… ? (31 January)

George Sterling

“Who of us care to be present at the accouchment of the immortal? I believe that we so attend who are first to take this… ? (31 January)


Donald Sidney-Fryer

“When Strange Shadows: The Uncollected Fiction and Essays of Clark Ashton Smith, as compiled and edited by Steve Behrends (together with two associate editors), was… ? (31 January)

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