Reviews of Clark Ashton Smith's Works'

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Donald Sidney-Fryer

“Upon the death of his poetic mentor George Sterling in November of 1926 (as well as his great and good friend for sixteen years), Clark… ? (30 November)

Will Murray

“It is doubtless poetic that the dark Ashton Smith story cycle most rich in irony should itself be bedeviled by what the author himself sardonically… ? (30 November)

Lin Carter

“It was the influential Athenian philosopher Aristoldes - nicknamed "Plato" because of his broad, forehead - who first told the world the legend of the… ? (30 November)

Lin Carter

“Perhaps the most precious document to be unearthed among Smith's papers after his death was his log of completed stories. Each entry is accompanied by… ? (30 November)

Donald Sidney-Fryer

“At the beginning of the Depression in 1929, the poet and visionary, Clark Ashton Smith, commenced writing fiction in some sizable quantity. During the years… ? (30 November)

Will Murray

“Perhaps it is only fitting that a story cycle so preoccupied with doom and loss would be haunted by the shades of lost and fugitive… ? (30 November)

Gerry de la Ree

“During his lifetime and in the decade following his death, the poetry of Clark Ashton Smith has appeared in such volumes as "The Star Treader",… ? (31 October)

George Sterling

“"The tendency of modern poetry" is against it, and the gaunt Muse of these lonesome latter years stammers with a greater facility than marks her… ? (31 August)

Carl Jay Buchanan

“ . . .When someone in a general conversation said: "When I am dead, be earth consumed by fire," he rejoined "Nay, rather while I… ? (31 August)


Scott Connors

“On April 11, 1922, CAS wrote to George Sterling that "I've planned a new book, which oughtn't to be so hard to dispose of. It… ? (31 August)


“From Voices no. 91 (Autumn 1937): 44-46]THE POETS SING FRONTIERSHOUNDS ON THE MOUNTAIN, by James Still. Vikiug Press, New York. $2.00.AMERICAN FRONTIER, by Elisabeth Peck.… ? (31 August)

Eldred Smith

“[Alien Culture, April 1949, pp. 3-6]I found a copy of this essay among Smith's papers at Brown University, which isn't listed in Emperor of Dreams.… ? (31 August)

Scott Connors

“The first few decades of the Twentieth Century could well be called the Golden Age of the Weird Tale, since writers on both sides of… ? (31 August)

Robert B Elder

“File:Real MediaSize:660KbDuration:5:22… ? (31 July)

Will Murray

“Clark Ashton Smith might be called the Forgotten Troubadour of Weird Tales. His name and works are frequently spoken of in the same awed breath… ? (30 April)

H.P Lovecraft

“In November 1925, during a brief residence in New York, H. P. Lovecraft was asked by his friend and fellow member of the United Amateur… ? (29 February)


Will Murray

“What Smith did not realize when that letter was written on November 4, 1926, was that he would find his Hyper-Hyperborea in fiction, not verse.… ? (31 December)


“Clark Ashton Smith's book of short stories, The End of the Story and Other tales, will be issued by Arkham House at an early date… ? (31 December)


“Clark Ashton Smith, "the boy poet of the Sierras," is once more in the public eye with a remarkable book of verse entitled Ebony and… ? (30 September)

William Foster Elliot

“Ebony and Crystal, by Clark Ashton Smith: The Auburn Journal Press, Auburn, California, $2.A volume has just been issued from the press of the Auburn… ? (30 September)

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