Checklist: Other Carvings

Gerry de la Ree

The following carvings are described in Smith's words whenever possible. Those listed as "untitled" were no doubt originally given names, but they have been lost or forgotten; Smith pasted the typewritten names of many of his carvings to their bases, but few are still affixed to them. The original prices that were charged for the pieces, when known, are given.

Young Ghoul - Head of diatomite. Toothy, somewhat canine face, with hungry expression.

Werewolf - Head of talc. Being with pointed ears. Features are a cross between human and lupine.

Azathoth - Half - length figurine of talc. Amorphous, tentacled depiction of the "blind idiot god" of Lovecraft's mythos.

Nameless Entity - Bust of diatomite. Bald creature with concave face.

Tsathoggua - Figurine of talc. Bloated and leering, bat - eared monster.

Porcine Entity - Elephantoid head of talc, with tapering snout and long ears.

The Sexologist - "Head with prying snout and prurient expression of eyes and mouth. Dr. Kinsey, perhaps - minus the bow - tie! $6.00"

The Early Worra - "Small fat reptile in attitude of defense, having presumably spied the early bird. Piece looks a little like brownish terra - cotta. A nice bit of sculptural art, slightly humorous. $7."

New - Hatched Dinosaur - "mouth gaping but eyes not yet opened. $5.00"

Atlantean High Priest - $9. One Lovecraft story, "The Whisperer in Darkness" mentions "The Atlantean hig - priest Klarkash - Ton."

The King of Zothique - Head of fire - black diatomite. Stern - visaged monarch with tall hat. Beard flares to form base.

Pre- Human Priest - Bust of creature with bulging eyes and long, pointed ears. Pictured on spine of "Lost Worlds"dj.

Shub - Niggurath - Head of silicate of aluminum. Goat - like creature with bulging forehead and fluted comb on top of the head.

The Crawler from the Slime - Figurine in fire - black diatomite. Prone amphibious being with protruding eyes, emerging from the mud. $12.

Dinosaurian Reptile - Figurine of hard talc. Simian - appearing head on four - legged saurian body. $5.

Dinosaurian Reptile - Figurine of hard talc. Simian> - appearing head on four - legged saurian body. $5.

Hyperborean Totem - Pole (Top Section) - Statuette of mottled talc. "Two contrasting grotesque heads, the upper one enigmatic and bird - like, superimposed on a long curving neck above a broad bellicose and humanoid head which forms the base. $7.00."

Saw - Toothed Bird - "Profile cut into deep relief on block of mottled talc. Head, suggesting that of some prehistoric toothed pelican, has the effect of rising out of a shadow into light. Piece is cut to stand upright. $6.00."

The Mysteriarch - "Strange elongated three- lobed head with concave profile. Fire - black, except for spot of dull red in the face. $6.00." Talc.

Venusian Swamp - Man - Head of light - colored talc. Humanoid, but topped with a large tapering horn. $6.

Vulturine Entity - Statuette of patterned talc. Brooding bird - like figure, leaning forward with folded wings. $17.

Lava God - Head of rough lava rock. Squat, toad - like being.

The Outsider - Head of dark talc. "It is rather similar to the one belonging to August Derleth, which was pictured (rather poorly, I thought) on the jacket of H. P. L.'s "Beyond the Wall of Sleep." Carved for George Haas.

Bird - Reptile - Head of talc. Appears to have the combined features of bird and alligator.

Hashish Demon - Head of veined talc. Horned demon, with an evil, leering expression.

Hyperborean Soldier - Head of light - colored talc. Sour- looking character with curving helmet. $7.

Dagon - "It is a bust with reddish, bluish, grey and buff mottlings, a short comb on the head, ears ending in fins, tentacle - like whiskers attached to the nostrils, and bulging eyes. I started to make an inhabitant of Innsmouth, but think that Dagon is a better title." Diatomite - $11. The Philistine (and Lovecraftian) fish - god.

Bird - Faced Goblin - Head of fire - black talc. Suggestion of a beak.

The High Cockalorum - Head in veined talc. Large - nosed being with short comb and widely opened mouth. Pictured on the front of "The Abominations of Yondo" dj. $17.

Bird Head - Talc. Somewhat mammalian head of bird, bearing plaintive look.

Gargoyle - Head of light talc. Grinning, duck - billed grotesque with pointed cap. $4.

The Nameless One - Head of talc. Beaked monstrosity with comb on head. $4.

Bird of Wisdom - Diatomite figurine resembling an owl with furrowed brow.

Goblin - Combed head of fire - black talc, showing a docile expression.

Goblin - Head of talc, "this one has a malign expression, and seems to be screeching or cackling at the top of his voice. $5.00."

Goblin - Head of talc. Hair on top of head goes to a point.

Demon's Head - Diatomite. Humanoid being with two fluted horns. Shows the mottling of colors brought out by firing.

The Satyr - Head of talc. Faun with two horns and curly hair. The tip of his tongue protrudes through a mocking smile. Carved for George Haas.

Long Snout - Smiling, elephantoid head of light talc. Reminiscent of Hindu temple carvings. $5.

laldabaoth - Half - length figurine of andesite. The "blackened and shattered, terrible and sublime" Demiurge of Anatole France's, "Revolt of the Angels."

One - Horned Martian Dog - Statuette of diatomite.

The Lamia - Half - length figurine of white marble. Naked female figure with long, sinuous neck.

The Sorceror Transformed - Head of diatomite. Protruding eyes and jaw, and long ears. $12.

The Guardian - $14.

Octopoid Entity - $14.

Mercurian Beast - $9.

Terminus from Zothique - Boundary marker. $12.

Pixy - $7.

Charnadis - $9.

Alhazred - Diatomite. According to Lovecraft, the mad Arab poet who wrote the accursed "Necronomicon."

Untitled - Talc bust of fanged, four- eyed scaly being.

Untitled - Small piscine crawling animal with rudimentary hands. Talc.

Untitled - Diatomite bust of humanoid creature with very high forehead and aura of wisdom.

Untitled - Negroid head of fire- black talc.

Untitled - Head of fire - black diatomite. Squat monster.

Untitled - Talc head of grotesque showing attitude of surprise.

Untitled - Brooding bestial head of talc with heavy brow.

Untitled - Diatomite head of toothy demon with pointed ears.

Untitled - Head of fire- black talc. Evil - looking face with large eyeballs.

Untitled - Fat talc statuette of grinning creature.

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