Literary Criticism on the Works of Clark Ashton Smith

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Boyd Pearson

“28,648 unique words in the fiction of Clark Ashton Smith. 10,762 words used only once.10 words occur more than 500 times. 9.4 the average number… ? (31 October)

Steve Mitchell

“One of the greatest writers of fantasy and the macabre was the Californian, Clark Ashton Smith. His work has always been a big personal favorite… ? (31 August)

Boyd Pearson

“Now available of DVDOn January 11, 2003 there was a ceremony dedicating a plaque and boulder in honour of Clark Ashton Smith. The boulder was… ? (31 March)


George Hager

“This document is for game masters using the D20 System of roleplay gaming. It is intended as an aid to those who wish to create… ? (31 August)

Phillip A. Ellis

“from H. P. Lovecraft to Clark Ashton Smith: in his Selected letters Vols. 2 to 5

193: September 1, 1925: II.25
196: September 20, 1925: II.26
197: October… ? (31 March)

Marvin R. Hiemstra

“TO THE SUNThy light is as an eminence unto thee,And thou art upheld by the pillars of thy strength.Thy power is a foundation for the… ? (31 March)

Robert Allerton Parker

“Forests are decimated and the dismembered corpses of trees are tossed into a hell-broth concocted by industrial chemurgy, and so reduced to cellulose. This wood-pulp… ? (28 February)

Brian Stableford

“Clark Ashton Smith was born in 1893 and died in 1961, having lived for almost all of his life on the outskirts of Auburn, California.… ? (28 February)


David Warren Ryder

“'Behind each thing a shadow lies;Beauty hath e'er its cost:Within the moonlight-flooded skyHow many stars are lost!So wrote the truly great, but almost unknown and… ? (31 August)

Simon Whitechapel

“I've been lucky with Clark Ashton Smith, I think. That's because I think the first book I ever bought by him was the Panther paperback… ? (31 January)


Richard Stockton

“The prose of Clark Ashton Smith occupies a singular position in American literature: he represents the culmination, the final flowering, of the style called decadent,… ? (30 September)

Douglas A. Anderson

“In 1982 Donald M. Grant published a novelette entitled As It Is Written, with its authorship credited to Clark Ashton Smith. Found in the files… ? (31 July)

Donald Sidney-Fryer

“Fritz Leiber has recently brought to my attention the article "Conan's Great—Grandfather" by L. Sprague de Camp in Amra v 2 It 17. In this… ? (31 July)


Steven Behrends

“In his Foreword to Clark Ashton Smith's literary notebook, The Black Book, they partake of a distant perspective, and above all are pervaded with an… ? (31 May)

Steve Behrends

“The writings of Clark Ashton Smith display a continuity of idea and image that can only be described as remarkable. Fantastic settings and happenings from… ? (31 May)

Benjamin DeCasseres

“When I received from Clark Ashton Smith his Ebony and Crystals in 1923, I had not read far before I was conscious that I was… ? (31 March)


Don Webb

“"I knew him .. His great heart was big with all the virtues born of pride; frankness, courage, constancy in trial, indomitable hope. Long, long… ? (30 September)

Scott David Aniolowski

“[Scott Aniolowski is known to his associates as "Stat-Man" among other things, for his talents and enthusiasm for writing up stats for scores of Mythos… ? (30 September)

Rah Hoffman and Donald Sidney-Fryer

“In the first of the two memoirs that he penned of Clark Ashton Smith, "As I remember Klarkash-Ton" and "Memories of Klarkash-Ton" (Collected in The… ? (30 September)

Laurence J. Cornford

“Intro | A B C D E F G H I J … ? (31 August)

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