The Flower-Women (Synopsis)

Clark Ashton Smith

Maal Dweb, bored with his omnipotence, goes forth in disguise to visit one of the worlds over which he rules. There he allows himself to be captured by certain fantastic creatures, the flower-women, who are half-woman, half-plant. These creatures, who have somewhat the character of vampires, and are about to make him their victim, but he diverts them by various feats of thaumaturgy, so that they defer his doom. Learning that they are preyed upon by certain half-ophidian sorcerers of the region, who use their corporeal substance in the compounding of magic drugs, Maal Dweb undertakes to deal with these sorcerers. He reduces himself in size, and hidden in the floriation of one of the living blossoms, gains entrance to the lair of the sorcerers in a honey-combed mountain. There, while they sleep, he changes the ingredients of the brew, which they intend as an elixir for their own use; and drinking the brew they dissolve instantly in liquid corruption.

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{plotted October 1932}

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