^The Spectral Tarn^ [The Lake] (Synopsis)

Clark Ashton Smith

A young man, engaged and soon to be married, is visiting a male friend in the country. In one of his rambles, he comes upon a lonely lake. He asks the friend about this lake, and the friend denies any knowledge of its existence. Much mystified, they visit the vicinity together-and this time no lake is to be found! The young man, several days later, goes alone — and finds it once more. He sees a woman drowning in the water - -and recognizes her as his fiancée, who is supposed to be visiting some relatives in a neighboring state. Forgetting that he cannot swim, he springs in to rescue her. Hours later, his body is found lying in a dry hollow — drowned, and with clothing that is still damp! The friend whom he had been visiting learns that the young man's fiancée has been drowned in a small lake — hundreds of miles away. The description of this lake corresponds to that of the one seen by the youth.

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