The Nameless Offspring (Synopsis)

Clark Ashton Smith

A woman, supposedly dead, but possibly in a cataleptic state, is left in an open coffin in the family vaults, on the chance that she may revive. She does revive after several days, and tells a vague tale of a terrible face looming over her as she awakened. Nine months later, she gives birth to a monstrous child and dies. [The child afterwards betrays all the proclivities of a ghoul.] The child is kept in a locked room, and no one ever sees it. Years afterwards, the woman's husband dies, and his body is laid on a bier in the house. The next morning the body is found half-eaten; and the door of the room in which the monstrous child was kept has been broken open. Strange demoniac tracks are found in the rain-sodden earth, leading to the family vaults, whose door has been left ajar.

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{plotted January 1931}

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