The World

Clark Ashton Smith

The world is world of ups and downs,
A world of smiles and frowns.
The sunshine followed the rain,
And pleasures cometh in the tracks of pain.
There’s joy that succeeded sorrow,
Tho cloudy today ’twill be sunny tomorrow.

Spring cometh in the path of Winter,
And spring into summer doth enter.
Dawn cometh after night,
And darkness gives place to light.
So don’t worry my dear,
If thy life be drear,
For ’tis a long lane that hath no turning:
Thy grief is only a school for learning,
To appreciate the joy that cometh after pain,
And value more greatly the sunshine after rain.

And all the grief and all the sorrow
We shall forget in the bright tomorrow.
We shall wonder why we cried
And laugh where once we sighed.
When cometh the happy day
When grief and pain shall pass away.

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