To the Morning Star

Clark Ashton Smith

Triumphant rise, O star, on pinions fleet,
Before the east with budding dawn grows white,
And shine with steady, darkness-piercing light.
Through hours that passed with leaden, laggard feet,
Devoid of rest, lo, I have watched to greet
Thine aureate eye as from the bonds of night
Thou break'st, and soar'st above the eastern height,
Where soon the hosts of dark and day shall meet.

Vainquish, O star of hope, with conquering ray
Black Doubt and Fear that have companioned me,
While all the weary hours, forsaken of sleep,
Tormented, I have tossed. Drive them away,
As sudden dawn drives night, and bring with thee
Assurance blest of morn - and slumber deep.

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