The Nymph

Clark Ashton Smith

(From Christophe des Laurières)

Last night I was a vagrant faun:
I followed through the woods of dream
Where singing dryads led me on
By glimpses of a singing stream.

Half-seen beneath the broken moon,
Where lace of shadows fell and shifted,
Their wanton shoulders warm with June
Aroused me like a breast uplifted.

With limbs that fled, and faces turning,
And lips where song and laughter blent,
They passed, and I, in questful yearning,
After them with the shadows went.

Ah clinging weariness that came
To clog at last my lonely feet!
Despairing of the hapless game,
I flung me in a still retreat;

And there, amid the ferns that kept
Her clear and veilless thighs from view,
I found a smiling nymph who slept—
And, lo, the sleeping nymph was you!

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