Introduction to 'Wine of Wonder'

Clark Ashton Smith

A book of poems by Lilith Lorraine

The summer lightning of fantasy, the storm-piercing levin of imagination, illume these superbly wrought poems. Lilith Lorraine, poet and seer, walks intrepidly the ways that science has opened into the manifold infinities. She widens the scope of wonder into stars and atoms, into ulterior worlds and posterior ages.

From the mystic lyric beauty of "Termopolis" and "Only the Black Sun Knows," she turns to such clarion-like annunciations of things to be as "Master Mechanic" and "The Matriarchs." Notable, too, for its plangent irony, is "Post Atomic Plea for Euthanasia." A searching and clairvoyant sensitivity is shown in the poems, as {in} paintings by Dali and George Grosz.

This volume can be recommended unreservedly both to poetry lovers and devotees of science fiction. The muses of lyricism and science have united, as seldom or never before, their twofold afflatus in this distinguished volume.

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