Short Stories Tributes to Clark Ashton Smith

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Simon Whitechapel

“It was in such things that the hand of Providence was seen clearly at work, Thomas de Tourcrémée, the Dominican Prior of the Monastery of… ” (30 September)

John W. Patterson

“Hylum Sendak was used to it by now. The dark, the cold, the sticky white things drifting by, and that buzzing sound in his head… ” (30 September)

Simon Whitechapel

“Of the great city of Nraqlommbeth few tales speak in these latter days, and these briefly, referring to it only as the setting of a… ” (31 August)


Fermín Moreno González

“Once there was a time of hopeful quietness in Memphira. It was then that its yoke-enslaved denizens dared to look up at the unmoved divinities… ” (31 December)


Fermín Moreno González

“People say that Zalahar, the Forgotten amidst the dunes, Shahir Empire last embers, forgot for some time Yalaud's cult, favouring a new kinder-faced god.Thus, Mnibo's… ” (31 December)

Darius Klein

“Inside the palanquin was delightfully cool and dark; the emperor, with his hand of tapering bony fingers, pushed aside the red linen from the window… ” (30 June)

Simon Whitechapel

“During the days before the foundation of the third Empire, the city of Yihh was fallen away to a minor and unregarded place, though retaining… ” (31 January)

Simon Whitechapel

“The decline of Yihh and its increasing isolation from the dozen minor Empires and states it had spawned in the days of its greatness, prompted… ” (31 January)

Simon Whitechapel

“To the insults and ill-usage of Wenn-Hsiu, Mhraa-Dlasht has a final answer, and that was death. Wenn-Hsiu was a native of the north, heavy and… ” (31 January)

Simon Whitechapel

“Many times from the shadows Thaan-Phromg had gazed on Yiolh-Ngwehh, high-priest of the Thorn-God, and envied with bitter envy the huge jewel, dark as clotted… ” (31 January)

Simon Whitechapel

“The Temple of the Snake-God was the oldest in the whole of the city of Yihh. In the tales of the sect to whose ceremonial… ” (31 January)

Garnett Elliott

“One warm spring morning, the reeve Hugh de Manchefort was out among his gardens supervising the early planting. Amidst flowering chamomile and carefully cropped bushes… ” (31 January)


Ron Hilger

“1The Bishop of Ximes sat behind a massive table of ornately carven ebony, cluttered with a bizarre assortment of baleful-looking items not generally associated with… ” (28 February)

Ron Hilger

“1"By the beard of Jupiter! I'll not return to Rome until Galbius has been found or avenged!" thundered Horatius as he strode forth from his… ” (28 February)


Laurence J. Cornford

“1One score and seven lustrums had dwelt the wizard Zakathus in the lofty, grey mica flecked granite keep which rose above the emerald canopied forest… ” (31 July)

Divers Hands

“As the first fingers of dawns ruddy sunlight stretched themselves on the landscape; streaking the field with juxaposed light and gloom; all was silent. Mist… ” (30 June)

Sandor Szabo

“" ... shaVathath ktal Nakrah !" the wizard's rasping invocation rose to a crescendo. Billowing clouds of sulphurous smoke obscured the ultradimensional space inside an… ” (30 April)

John R. Fultz

“In the jeweled city of Cerngoth, greatest of all the cities of Mhu Thulan, stood the ivory Temple of the Seven Gods. Each morning as… ” (14 April)


Divers Hands

“Completed on: Friday, 12 December 1997.Captain Volmar's cold steely eyes peered uneasily at the radar-scope as small white specks darted in and out of focus… ” (9 September)

Boyd E Pearson

“The stream ambled gently through the valley of the sparsely vegetated hills, terminating in a deep clear lake. The lake teemed with small translucent fish… ” (9 August)

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