Twin Sacrosanct Obsenities "A Tcho 'Brotherhood of the Star Treader' Narrative" #2

Frederick J. Mayer

A mind is not to be changed by place or time.
The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a heav'n of hell, a hell of heav'n. -PARADISE LOST,
                                              John Milton

"What do you 'see'? An acuity by contemplating the passionate sea or an acumen, maybe, within your, at times, turbulent cranium grotto?" Ms. Koh Rei-mi, noted statesperson/power wielding Jejudo, South Korea, politician, questioned her identical twin, Dr. Koh Rei-am. The resonant tender quality of statuesque Ms. Koh's tone was reserved for her male sibling alone; it is said on that paradise province: "Keep an ear to the waves that gently roll onto the seashore playing melody."

Ms. Koh's glacial beauty, though in her prime forties, was undiminished by waves of Time; physically, as an Asian August Rodin young model. Brother's physique, he received more of the ancient Tcho-Tcho part of the family tree. Near visually farcial together, he 5'3" to her 5'8", yet they were One, Yin/Yang...eyes hauntingly exact. The on-coming evening found the blood duo negotiating the volcanic created vernal isle's serrated cliffs, somewhere 'tween fabled "Suicide Rock" and "Yongdaum" ("Dragon Head Rock"). Dr. Koh inexplically paused, peering over the precarious edges. "I ponder ole Cthulhu in His depths...does He reflect upon the irony of Pacific islanders' love of devouring, salacious partaking of octopi live, specifically their tentacles? Would His contain much delectation?

"Obscene blasphemer! Decadent debaucher!" Sister's demeanor was wickedly delicious and wry, "Don't dare go into Japanese women's centuries old pharynugula habits." "Protean Lloigor and Zhar can produce luscious tentacles." "Rei-am!" With his particular macabre Cheshire Cat grin and outrageous grandiloquent vocalizaation, "Better comprehend how today's 'grotesque' derives from 'grotto'?"

Rei-mi responded in a common Korean mode of self-expression, she "punched" him. "Now, brother of mine, what are you pondering in that skull?" "Dr. David Western d Castries' speculations concerning quantum technologies being applicable to 'opening' previously unprocurable accesses to possible 'realms'/enclosures contingent to this plane and extricate 'matter' from them."

"Jeju Island is filled with oddly shaped rocks, many found in idyllic settings. Alone with gnarled tree roots, the mystical and natural stones carry parts of the authentic Jeju flavor." Darkness loomed, the Jeju duo spawn settled at "Tamna Mokseokwon," which showcases, "The unusual beauty of both stones and dead trees' roots." "Rei-am do you honestly believe your 'sciences' are the verisimilitude solution to liberating evermore our Lloigor and Zhar, intricate parts of our lineage's progenitors, worshipped entombed alive entites?" Dr. Koh's haunches uplifted his gymnast's frame erect before Ms. Koh's sophisticatedly straight sitting body. "I succeeded becoming a 'reknown' quantum mechanic because I Believe, as strongly as the hearts of the stones of our ancestral island have their verve!"

     "Because science has lit a few artifical lights
      amid the darkness of things,
      Modern man tends to forget that the darkness
      still exists." -CLARK ASHTON SMITH

Jeju City's night guilefully engulfs those who come to encounter what emerges then. "Coastal Road Cafe Village" street, a bright, rapturous tabula rasa, fills with dreamy couples, Lovers, preening human satyrs, sauntering along that bristling "field that never dies"; a soft parade whose sight would elicit enraged elders to screech, "Obscene!" From tantalizing meet/meat menageries releasing "live" music there, arose lyrics of a popularly covered DOORS' tune: "I found an island in your arms, country in your eyes/Arms that chain, eyes that lie." Not far from cityscape electric lights, the double helix bound ones barely made their dinner engagement at their mother's countryside abode with its ambience a reality of a paradise now lost.

The refined 5' Mother Koh, trained in the finer cooking traditions of her heritage, gracefully yet purposefully placed on the family's round heirloom oriental table - ornately constructed from a 500 years old "Bija" tree ("Torreya nuciferial"); in its un-natural lifespan much older and having an aged blood red stain, highly polished lightly lacquered sheen, plus, four customized supports that bore time worn ivory marquietry deftly handcrafted and fitted into a melange of tortuously obscene and meticulously positioned "feasting" Lloigor and Zhar effigies - "Hanchi-mul-hoe" ("Seasoned Raw Cuttlefish...A close relative of octopi and squids. Mixed with water seasoned with vinegar, chilli pepper sauce, soybean paste. A local favorite"). The dutiful son and daughter politely, allowably swiftly, procured their proper places. Serving spot shimmered as starlight...caused by tallow based Candomblish candles tastefully about a darkened room.

"There shall be no artifical lights from hallowed eve till "Darkness Alive'/one of the 'Nights of Lloigor's Revenage' is consummated." So instructs the sacrosanct GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK ("The Book of Cracked Jade"). Rei-mi scintilatingly sipped her comforting heated "Mt Halla Dimija Tea" ("Concoted mainly of 'Schigandra nigra', a fruit that singularly grows on Mt. Halla"), then proceeded to spread some savory pheasant "taffy" on freshly baked, pleasantly warm, thin buckwheat "pancakes".  Rei-am's encirculating palms lowered his fired glazed cup of his obsessively favorite "Suk Cha" tea, queried, "Sis, what takes you to Seoul-si tomorrow?"

As Dr. Koh awaited her reply, he laid his drinking vessel down and started casually on his skin-flaying hot stone bowl of "Yykaejang" ("Pork Bone Broth with Vegetables"; Pork bones, with their exposed mineral rich marrow simmered in broth many hours, thickened with a tangle of vegetables such as fernbrake and buckwheat powder"). Finishing her self-rolled pancakes, wiping her elongated artistic yet athletic digits till cleaned to her satisfaction, Ms. Koh answered.

"Heading-up the official Jeju delegation to petition the Republic of Korea authorities to recognize the historic existence of the 'Tamna Kingdom' in all future national history texts," changing to her formable but sanquine vocal style, "We are pleading our case so they will not perpetuate this hideous injustice similiar to what the United States of America once inflicted on its impressive indigenous cultures/civilizations or emualate Japn's vile, atroious attempts to eradicate 'Korea's' illustrious past. And, if our own government fails to rectify this intolerable situation of total absence of 'Jejudo's' proud, independant, significant past within the R.O.K. education system, we will go global and involve the international media with this potential genicial issue, not to mention, appealing directly for United Nations initated action." "You expect this accomplished by this year's 'Festival'?" "No. Just some positive tangible results. Possible worldwide 'embarrasment' works wonders." With a serio-idiotic "Happy Face", she returned to her taffy munching activities.

A chagrined Dr. Koh, "This is our isle's kingdom that evolved from 'carnel knowledge' sharing between the bloodlines of the original hunter-gatherers' stock and the genealogical ethnic clan led by legendary Tcho-Tcho Grand Queen Zee Rei?" "Correct...but the island, after that, became 'undiscovered'/isolated for about a thousand years, thus its early development and by 'Who' stays shrouded in mystery to the outside."

Rei-am nodded as he swallowed some bone marrow sufficiently cooled for him from its customary scalding edible level. Slowly, his contenance quizzically beamed, "An academic bone of contention, 'unsolvable'." With a grandiose flourish, he handed bone remants to the desirous maw of Whasang. The abysmal canine orbs glinted from fading candles' candescence, but shone of his Koh kindred spirit.

"Don't forget your late afternoon meeting/meal with a Dr. Gilman-Boyd and his assistant tomorrow," Mother Koh's magnificent matron voice boomed tonally efficient from her kitchen domain, "I'am planning an exceptionally robust gastronomical orgy for the palate!" Dr. Koh quiently sighed in resignaation.

Ms. Koh solemnly, solicitously whispered, " Do you know them?" "Only their well earned reputations and the SHREWSBURY INSTITUTE FOR CULTURAL CULTS RESEARCH. He's upper echelon with his ancestorial bloodlines helping found it." Suk Cha smoothly descended Rei-am's throat as Rei-mi spoke, "I recall said institute is minor and members few...its significance is it houses the most comprehensive archives on 'cults' and their followers."

"It's a 'front'", brother went seamless on, "The dedicated participants feel a moral obligation to ensure that any actions/peoples seriously trying to release the 'Ancient Ones' (or whatever one wishes to label them) are draconianly stopped." Dr. Koh finished off his drink, "One easily can consider the Institute's membership and operatives, in their own way, virulently intolerant vigilanties." As if on dramatic cue, the gummy fatwax candles uniformally gutted out; all was a nacreous darkness.

     "Deep into that darkness, long I stood there
      wondering, fearing," -Edgar Allan Poe

Blinding radiant sunlight backed by a glorious pure blue, a nural flagellation; JEJU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT witnessed "Jeju Air" landing from that spellbinding firmament. On that plane rode Dr. Daniel Gilman-Boyd and his aide-bodyguard Ms. Sheri Alexis Lope ( a twosome who worked well in tandem). The latter's nomenclature, "Shrialope", existed because her powerful yet diminutive carriage could appear cute as a "Bunny", which typically distracted foes; verity showed her animalistically crazed dangerous as a virile jackalope in heat peak virulence and horns in lethal prime sharpness...

"According to this tourist pamphlet, Jeju is famous for its 'Winds, Women and Rocks.' From my own geological study, this land mass is ideal for precise carving of slabs from its foundation cliffs via percisionally set explosives. He delights in spending hours on the bluffs near his mother's residence. Jejuites say fondly, 'We came from stones and to stones we return,'" The eminent cultural anthropologist's melancholy smirk slightly let pass, "Convenient proverb." In all the years of intimate work, Sheri never understood her partner's pensive visage; sometimes pretenatural light emanating from his eyes when he wore "dark" glasses...anywhere or time. Today.

"Thank you for granting this interview. This token of appreciation is for your hospitable and generous mother." Dr. Koh gave a dinified head bow. Dr. Gilman-Boyd in a deferential posture placed a rare THE BOOK OF MUNN, "Or, Receipe for Roast Camel," before the prestigeous Korean. Rei-am's tawny lean right hand carefully laid the collectors' item on a secure segment of the home's Ginko wood floor. "This premium choco;ate from the TCHO Beta shop at San Francisco's famed 'Pier 17' was selected specially for your honorable sister," stated the American Ph.D. as he deeply bent forward at the waist, both palms up, to place the large bar in the now free open right hand of Koh, as Rei-am's left index fingernail sprang as a feline claw (A Tcho trait he and his sister had), but as long as a honed surgically sharp stiletto blade.

It cut out a "Flying Squid"'s ("A meter length species abundant in surrounding waters") sphereical eye from its supple socket with the living creature's connecting optical nerves intact. With a grandeurous sweeping arc, it was plopped into the visiting Doctor's burnished metal bowl of newly steamed rice; Daniel gratefully acknowledged the reciprocity. The sea creature's other sight providing body part(s) was kindly lowered to Whasang's, crouched devotedly by the Tcho-Korean, ravening mouth. "Always faithful watchdog, protector," mused Rei-am. For himself, Koh elegantly sliced a gleaming, palpitating tentacle free and let it slither down whole to his guillet meeting gastric acids that made slimey, slippery moist flesh more potable.

"I daresay Doctor, you have an exceeding long fingernail." Koh, after a non-commital shrug, said, "I got the idea from an interview with Robby Kreiger (Did you know he's an exact twin?) in GUITAR magazine. He talked of it being intrinsic to playing Flamingo guitar because one plucks the strings. Therefore, the best players grow their nails long (A habit he kept for his Gibson guitar). I do it for the Kayagum." Another appendage, less active than its predecessor, soaked with "ink", squids' version of blood and vitreous fluids, as well as, daintally dipped, swished in sesame sauce laced with chopped dried "mom" ("A leafy seaweed'), silkenly pulsed down Rei-am's devouring orifice tube.

     "It is dark only to those souls
      who cannot preceive the Light,
      And, those who can see the light
      become part of the Dark." -GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK

"You are an august, esteemed, internationally lauded 'Folklorist', not to mention, having an ever expanding following in some unimaginable, unspeakable unsavory niches Dr. Koh." "As you...but, my investigations, primarily, are side interests. Some suggest it 'runs hot in your viens'." The Westerner mildly grimaced, "One could say that...aren't you of direct Tcho blood?" "No, I'm a Jejudo born Korean." The normally taciturn American doggedly pressed on, "I read with acute interest your espousal article in the JOURNAL OF QUANTUM EXPLORATIONS pertaing to quantum technologies 'opening' portals to perceivable other dimensions." "The piece you speak of just expounded on exant works of the deceased genius Dr. de Castries dealing with temporal matter-displacement. I made calculated conjectures."

Outside, much maligned twilight shadings tempestuously encroached, encysted time, an impetuous harbinger. Inside, flittering, effulgent just lit tapors...for a few suprareal moments, in a seemingly phantasmoric whorl with an ensorcelled darkness' mien.

Pungent, heady aromatic wisps from what sat before him; a boiling, blistering open substances' piquant aroma insistently entered Gilman-Boyd's nose and eyes cavities. With an apprehensive curiousity, Daniel eyeballed the "Mojaban Soup" ("A broth composed of pork meat, or bones, after pork intestines and mom added").

"It's 'Year of the Pig' on the Asian Lunar calendar. Aside, it's chock full of protein," chortled Rei-am, "Try it, a few chews, a swallow or two." Dr. Koh's timbre turned sombre, "What connects my article to folklore?" The Asian, as if preparing for an euphoric kiss, pursed his lips and inhaled a healthy portion of redolent slaughtered swine.

"Try this scenario" - Daniel, enigmatic, average built man with a blanched semen white tan, born gay, reamed his juicy orange taken from the pale bluish porcelain plate full of native fruits. Rei-am, inscurtable, deceptively ambidextrous, androgynous, had a stuffed partial innard that, as he masticated with panache, laciviously moved into his mouth...he listened - "You believe Lloigor and Zhar, 'Twin Obscenities', exist. You 'experiment' applying your methological constructs in the 'real' world. You suceed in 'freeing' them. You/others of your ilk, concerning Mythos beings, replicate your results...makes you Doctor, fatally threatening to the majority of the 'human race'", Dr. Gilman-Boyd levelly presented his perception; erudite from certain points of view.

The two Ph.D.s gleefully indulged on firm, fleshy, yellow-ripe bananas. Gilman-Boyd consumed his Jeju delight, pontificated, "You're the influential, 'spiritual' head of the 'Brotherhood of the Star Treader' and their ineffable rituals...liken to the notoriously noxious 'Esoteric Order of Dagon'." Koh's eyebrows affected the trademark Groucho Marx facial expression, "Really? Alas, no...I don't even belong. It's akin to American 'Masonic' lodges. The Jeju-si Directory has a friendly contact number." Dr. Koh stared point blank at the other's shaded eyes, "Your Institute has more than a passing acquiantance with numerous 'minions'."

Koh didn't stop his controlled wrath-like comments, "Such as the one subordinate to that whistle you wear and the one euphemistically called the 'Deep Ones', the latter has been 'used' by you folks as faggots for fires/tinder a la Canjun fish fry! The carcasses resemble our specialy bred canine for their adrenalized meat health properties, after its fur has been traditionally torched off. Ironically, both are quite alive when wrapped in scorching flames."

The bananas' limpid peels sprawled across the dinning table. Daniel's lightly indignant retort, "Your talented mother is reputed being masterfully adept to serving those sea beings as a sumptuous central part for Korea's important family gatherings celebrating the Lunar New Year." With a sparkle in their equally malignant leers, the duo resumed choosing the next "tidbit" in their elaborate, copious meal. Mother Koh's commanding elocutionary delivery voice, "Doctor, do you desire more salubrious 'Bosintang' for your delectation?"

"'Dog Meat Soup' is a mainland delicacy." Rei-am gladly elucidated, "Males swear it provides much 'stamina'." Daniel heard, though he was enthuiastically thrusting his toothpick into the abdominal section of several honeyed "Bungdaeki" ("Smashed and steamed silkworm larva"), then crudely popping the impaled lot into his agape oral orifice. Rei-am commenced gnawing vigorously a raw humanoid sans tete "Korean Red Ginseng" root. He skipped the eon old family secret formula dip for it, believed gleaned from Gumi-Gan-Ok Chaek. Gilman-Boyd paused chewing, his sanctimonious baritone started...

"In the foreboding sepulchral Occult localities of holy obscene dualities as blackest maleficent corridors of mind and grisly chambers of brightest enlightenment...sanquinary forbidden lore that should not be known reside...they reverenly speak of the 'modern' translator of the perverse grimoire holding the abominable 'spoken word to script' curse, 'The Book of Cracked Jade'; the name of this defiler of hexes is yours Rei-am Koh."

Dr. Koh Rei-am's quiescent sonorous rebuff, "In Asia, family name first. This codex you talk of, have you seen this tome? The venerable Miskatonic's library doesn't have one. I say, if they don't have a copy, it doesn't exist." "There are existence clues, such as the passage in Augustan Alwyn's diary dealing with Ithaqua: 'The loathsome book in Burmese that revealed ghastly legends...of the dread Tcho-Tcho people'." 1 Koh unmoved, merely reverted to diligently gnawing his rough, hard root, as a fox inescapably caught in a blood tarnished steel trap's jaws gnaws off its paw.

Hovering in the charcoal shadows, Ms. Lope - dressed in tight styxian vinyl that made her musculature explict, diabolically sleek odalisque, brazenly bareing her supercilious distain and revealing her seemingly chiseled smoldering coal eyes. "Try something of my mother's seafood offerings, Ms. Lope, indeed, some are very palatable to Western epicurean tongues." "No insult toward your parent's supper endeavors," Sherialope's rising, shrill, haughty delivery ended with, "I am a Vegan!"

Eloquently confident words returned,"'Bing-tteok' ("Buckwheat pancakes")." Dr. Koh passed a platter with buckwheat creations and varied non-fauna food stuffs. "They have an unique, savory quality native to Jeju. Recipes inherited for over 700 years."

After a distinctly obvious pregnant pause, "If you plug your aural orifices, Ms. Lope, you won't discern the plaintive echos of expressed excruciating pain and anquish of flora helplessly ripped from breasts and womb of nourishing Mother Earth. Do you ever give personal appreciation, proper apologies to the vegetation life you digest/extinguish? My mater and her fellow islanders sincerely do."

Sensing what was coming to a proverbial head, Sheri's work-mate intercoursed the "conversation", "Doctor, please, inform me, what ambrosial food just arrived?!" " of mom's specialities, 'Seongge' ("Sea Urchin Roe Soup"). Our version of the highly prized 'Russian Caviar'." "Is it/they 'dead'?" "Yes. However, consider, they were never allowed 'born'."

Luxuriously lengthening florid formations heralded a lustrous dusk. The Doctors carried on their livid exchanges of things beheld. Strangely, fastidious Ms. Lope vanished and an intrigued Whasang was gone too.

Later, after sating physical hungers, Rei-am emphatically urged, "Come, no Jeju visitor should miss our gorgeous sunset!" They neared a blusterously wind swept littoral cliff, and, silently, viewing a vista of striated confluence of florescence; a beauteous obscenity.

"Regretfully...nevertheless, we need to leave immediately to attend THE YARIKURI BAND's performance at the TAP-DONG SEASIDE CONCERT HALL on time." Dr. Koh simply replied, "Enjoy."

Anon, Whasang appeared land side of the black basalt precipice where Koh stood perched in reposeful rapture staring at the sea ravishing the primordial stonescape. Inordinate intense winds grew with violent velosity. Instinctively, Rei-am knew his feral soul-partner's presence, puissance ("People" wondered quietly about the half Chindo dog's other side pedigree. The sacred/profane Gumi-Gan-Ok Chaek spoke of actuating such curiousities). Dr. Koh turned from the perpetual ageing cliffs immersed within corrosive "living" Darkness' corruption, his keen predatory night vision perceived an apparent apparition: a rapid, tumultuous whirling, writhing smallish furry white mudang with a pronounced curled tail.

After attaining the dog's location, Rei-am began his soothing sough voice, "What's up?" A massive shockwave from an artificial eruption propelled the hunkered down doctor pell mell, a bizarre somersault over the already prone canine. Arcane promontory sheared, lurid cobalt fiery boll ejaculated into pitched hued heavens...where he previously reposed...a hexagonal slice, like an eldritch phallic symbol, convulsively plunged deeply into an insane wind & current sphincier, sucking, churning vulvaish vortex of ocean.

Rei-am's sotto tones cooed, "Thanks precious one." Whasang's amicable snout dropped a slobber drenched, a heavily dripping with doggy salvia five pointed star shaped stone at his feet. "I comprehend my guardian, companion. I'm foremost 'Korean'." Koh kicked aside the wet rock. Yet, the artfully designed from Gumi-Gan-Ok Chaek jaded amulet, passed on by great grandmother mystic (A pair for every set of opposite sexes born identical twins), never removed from their flesh, heated, feverish feeling as felt in the final throes of rabies.

The amorously phantasmal molten crimson-gold sunrise, with its sister gloaming, is a key motive "honeymooners" worldwide make this dubbed "Exotic Fantasy Island" their Heart pilgrimage site. The daylight brought blissful briny breezes bracing this lovely, frucity verdure paradise.

Quixotically, previous night, unmitigated wailful gusts of air pressed prenatalish activities for the forthcoming specialized events ("Folk performances, theatre performance, traditional music, a special sacrifical rite for Mt. Halla"). The spectacural world class outdoor acts were still delivered with indomitable fineness upon the Tap-dong Seaside Concert Hall's main stage. Eventually, this myriad of "entralling" presentations birth "Tamna Cultural Festival." Nonce, the wild honey glow dawn tranquilly unveiled in the Hall's parking area, Dr. Daniel Gilman-Boyd and his tweedle-dum bodyguard/aide Ms. Sheri Alexis Lope; both in their "birthday suits" and dead to the world.

The twain were found on top of their shiny clean carmine rental, DAEWOO MOTORS' "Tico", as if the mini-compact was a pedestal. They were recently circumsized and posed in an obscene tantrical position eerily reminiscent of the "erotic art" that prevades the JEJU LOVE LAND outdoor sculpture park.

Closer inspection displayed the coupled immaculate pair had 500 won coin sized holes, "openings", perforating the bases of their crania, performed if by a white hot acupuncture needle sharp blade. The cerebra was ceremoniously pulled out, extracted. There were no blood stains around or about the scene.

"This pristine human cuisine was prepared exclusively for you, our resident vore carnel gourmet." The repast inside the carnivore's creamish colored receptacle had the semblance, but was not, of a majestic amount of succulent buckwheat noodles spiced to aid in fully bringing out its natural flavor; a delicate blend of brillant dark red minced to minuteae dried outside chilli peppers and extremely fresh cut oozing cinnamon leaves to create a viscuous fluid which throughly suffused the organic matter. Koh's finely sculpted in skin visage enhanced his sardonical smile, "A culinary homage to your intelligence filled mind and filiality."



1 This particular quote is from August Derleth's story "Beyond the Threshold", as it is reprinted in the anthology of his works THE CTHULHU MYTHOS (1997) p.63

All Jeju locations et. al. do exist. All quotes concerning the island are from official Korean tour guides' training manuals/Jejudo ("Jeju Island") born, long term family residents. The "Tamna Kingdom" history issue described in this story is true and still remains unresolved in South Korea (2009). The characters/incidents in this narrative are solely from the author's imaginational mind.

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