Out of the Noxious Abyss (The Ica Witch)

Dennis Siluk

Assuming I am still sane, and was sane at the time this took place, I shall  try to explain to you, what had taken place, which has not befallen any man  to my knowledge in quite the same way, ever.  I have no evidence left, but  my experience, yes, that alone, and those who took care of me of course  during this trying time.

It took place while I was digging, that is, in the process of digging  I should say, in   Ica, a location in Southern Peru, known for its past  witches. Something I did not hold as dependably true, only that legend marks  it so.  I felt something was hidden underground in a certain location I was  excavating, perhaps some treasure, antiques, gold, as in tombs found in  Sipan, Northern Peru,  this was my premonition anyhow, at the time.   Ica,  as I have already said, is in the south of Peru, and this certain area had  not yet been excavated, actually much of Peru has not been excavated, and it  is truly the Egypt of South America.

Anyhow, I am writing this after the fact, this abyss, or hole in the  ground, I discovered turned into a cave like environment once within its  parlor (I have ventured back a few months ago to see the full interior of  it, it is massive, a maze); it has a chill to its walls, and bats  circulating near its dome.  It was mid summer of 2005, when I first started  digging  at this very location, when I discovered what I discovered, which I  am only now writing about, and now in the Mantaro Valley of Peru, surrounded  by the Andes.  No one has believed this story, friends and all, family, but  two people, Professor Adelmo Mani, from Los Andes University, and my  Peruvian wife.  Ah, yes, they have been faithful to the core.  The press  (whom I have tried to talk to) thinks this to be just another factious  supernatural story of abnormal psychology I made up. But contrary to their  belief, it is far from paranormal psychology, or supernatural fiction, yet I  am not sure how to label it.

I am thankful to the good professor for his acknowledgment; it saves  me from being off balance, a nice term, instead of insane. I have always  tested out to be rational, and there are no family traits of mental  imbalance, yet I told the professor as I told the press, and my wife, and  the doctor, I told them all of my confusion, my findings, experience, lest  they read about it, as they say, in a fictional magazine somewhere done the  road. Yes, I get confused like everyone else in the world, when strange  phenomena's happen, especially to ones self.

At this point, I do not care what people do with the account I've  told, for I've told it a hundred times since, and  to tell them again, would  be simply a loss of breath, so I shall write it out vaguely,  for the  curious reader, and stamp this case closed, for I've survived it.  No  indeed, it accomplishes no good to verbalize it any longer.  ICA  My name is Lee Wright, my writers name, one I use often, or have used, and  for those who remember the news a few years back, several years that is, in  the Viru Valley of Peru (1999) to be exact, when I first came to Peru, for  this is my ninth time, today being the 8th of March, 2007, artifacts were  found (I have one), of soldiers  1050 BC to 600 AD, they were used in  rituals, stone artifacts, depicting soldiers, and witches, and devils.   Thus, it would seem to me, some kind of devil worship was taking place in  the valley, so that was where I got my inspiration to follow it through, and  all roads led to Ica, where this worship originated and migrated from. There  was a lot of change in the Viru Valley throughout the past two-thousand  years, and throughout Northern Peru per se, the Coastal areas likewise, as  well as the mountainous areas (cultures came and mixed, if not died out  completely, and renewed with new ones), and all the way down south to Ica,  where I traced the madness of the cult worship, where legend has it, witches  live. How I ended up at this one particular site, is perhaps involves more  luck and chance, or bad luck, than providence.

Once I created a hole which lead to the abyss, for I had punctured  the earth's surface several feet deep, which widened the rim of the hole to  several feet in diameter, a stink came out and something with it, and that  is when I got my so called madness, where the horror took place, she lurched  out of the abyss  (let me say, again, for all,  there is no pattern of  psychological illness in my family tree) but she, the shadow in the abyss  leaped up and out  and on me, deep within my intestines I felt her, like a  bloodsucker, or mosquito sucking all the blood out of me

I call her the Ica Witch, witch or not. Here was some ancient being,  perhaps two thousand years old, bathing inside me like cancer. This shape  seemed to cause my internal system to collapse, as now she was out of her  dungeon, and seemingly found a new home, me.


I thought there was to be an archeological find here, that was all, not a  witch or its shadow, or its rotting soul, I fell flat on my back,  speechless, my thoughts and mind amiss, almost unconscious, and perhaps was,  I somewhat forgot, my mind muddled. My wife finding me, semi conscious, she  took me back to the Hotel, and then to Lima, where we have a home, and then  on to Huancayo, in the Mantaro Valley, that is where Adelmo comes in,   Professor Adelmo Mani that is, and my faithful wife Rosa.

As I was saying, my wife found me in quite an unbecoming way, and took  me back to Huancayo, where I saw a doctor, and talked to the press, and so  for and on.   Adelmo visiting me daily, and him and my wife waiting for my  senses to come back to me; I do think they both had their doubtful moments  on this witch issue, but my behavior was not normal. My speech was unclear,  so they told me, along with other peculiarities I shall try to describe.  They said my eyes gazed strangely at everything, around me, as if I was  seeing it for the first time. I was also told I walked clumsily wherever I  went, for several weeks these abnormal traits of mine, continued.  It was as  if I was relearning how to walk, talk and have conversations. I was  seemingly curious of normal everyday things. Things I knew, or should have  known.

The Collapse

At this point, the collapse had taken placed fully inside of me, that is to  say, inside of me I now vaguely can remember, but I lived mainly in my mind,  lived in a fog, where a voice similar to mine spoke, gave me facial  expressions I didn't want to make. I seemed to have been woken up and then  put back to sleep. I will not attempted to  give you a point to point  account, I largely had to do what it wanted, yet learning all along I was  not me.  Also I learned during this period, my mind had, or seemed to have  different limits, I could explore the witches vast labyrinths, something she  frowned on. She was infinitely old, not hundreds of years, but thousands I  would guess.  She had lived in that tomb like abyss for centuries I would  deduce, its dark complex maze, I saw her pacing it, year after year, after  year, I was saturating her with old memories, as she was draining me, of me  within the shell of my own body, yet I remember I continued to retrace her  life, it seemed to become more detailed the longer she remained within me,  and the longer I focused on her past.  Much detail came into my mind,  constantly, until I could glance at her past as if looking into a mirror  readily, at any moment. This is when she left me, vanished, perhaps into  someone else, surely not back to Ica, she left because all I ever did was  report her ugly existence back to her, she had limits also, things she could  not endure, like all of us I suppose.

The only tangible proof I have, is by those who came to see me during  those days when I was not me; so I presume that will have to do, if one  seeks additional proof of this account, that is.

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