Tcho Tcho Holy Outre House Of Gal-Bi, Tale #3: 'Lloigor And Zhar, The Gods Must Be Fed (Eat Me)'

Frederick J. Mayer

"In the loose palace of exile,
Playing strange games
With the girls of the island" - THE CELEBRATION OF THE LIZARD
                     by James Douglas Morrison

"Dinned by their drowsy guardians, whose feet
Have felt the wasp-like sting of little knives" - THE HASHISH EATER
                     by Clark Ashton Smith

They fed off the naked living body of an Asian female.

Holy Outre House of Gal-bi...The prime haunches and hind, such a salacious sveltean muscled perfection near lurid feast for the eyes and palate, belonged to Ms. Koh Rei-mi, the identical twin sister of Dr. Koh Rei-am. She was by nature, as her brother dear, a natural born lascivious languorous drying flesh nudist just as her ancient ancestors on her Tcho Tcho side of the family lineage.

This was Rei-mi's state of "undress" as she laid upon the Ginko "dream-wood" and Abies Korena waterbed that was finely trimmed with some Abies nephrolepis (100 years alive and 100 often they are dead)...whose matress was filled with fresh, salt and amneotic fluids which flowed about, on and around Jeju-do. This "sleepers' " aid of the Dr. Koh's Soul Chamber had a canopy made of the same trees as its base and held a sharp sepia (as if splayed by an in flight glide frightened at night "Flying Squid" common to the island area) hued cut crystal looking glass cast within...without, designs it displays seem to be unreal floating filaments that might be found under a carnivorous flower stamen, however, inside its wood grains and lines were filigreeish figures wrought in laconical canthropophagy fornicating entities, Lloigor and Zhar.

"Amazing," thought Rei-mi," in this bed information flows, not like crystal ball images, but as if it was your own special membrane intercoursing, wanting your whole frame." Rei-am's words were, then, cresting fluids against his sister's cranium grotto in passionate clinging embrace, "Perhaps, the nominal nomenclature placed upon our lords, 'Twin Obscenities,' fit"..."Blasphemous"..."Sister, think...aren't our double 'gods' representattive of 'Hunger' and 'Eros' to us...what is cosmic oral eternity's extreme more resoundingly obscene...real and evermore?" He proceeded, "Texts in AL AZIF say, 'Devour everything' and our peoples' original native tongue names us as 'The people who eat anything.' 'The wisest,' that Arab text professes 'is the black beetle that lives on the dung of others...Emulate the beetles.' "

Under the chamber's bed, currently comfortably crouching was Whasang, half Chindo canine, and if his brain's thoughts one could hear, "I'm hungry... as I have heard some humans say, 'I have the munchies'...I would love to eat right now...all I know, if it's there, eat all of it complete, then and now."

The Grand Queen Zee Rei's voice focused back into Rei-mi's gray matter as quick and penetrating as a heated glowing splintered bone needle (Rei-am faded to black), "We made our way down...'To follow me forever, mountains horned/With peaks of sharpest adament, and mawed/With sulphur-lit volcanoes lava lanqued' (1) was how our terrible yet tenacious trek to what is now called 'Jeju-do' ('Jeju Island') was recorded and remembered through ages of dream induced mental journals"...

After pausing, the lanquid Queen continued, "Residing upon/literally within the isle's many extinguished lava tubes of the once volcanic land, now Pacific paradise, were the breeding stock that was to be the future ' Tcho-Korean' bloodline...under my beginning personal guidence and tutelage...evolved upward to create and develop a highly advanced unique society and culture, due, in part, to the circumstance that no one was aware of the lava formed land mass' very existence, much less us, for thousands of years."

  ...daughters, smug
  With semen eyes in their nipples
  There's been a slaughter here...
  Rich are the rooms and comforts there...
  And you won't know a thing till you get inside (2)

Itaewon-dong...The ubiquitous scarlet neon Christian crosses have become Seoul's skeletal evening skyline, except for the only major mosque in all of that Asian megatropolis and its rounded shape squats on a hill that causes the holy place's flickering shadows to gaze down on the district directly below ...munching and belching was the rhythm of the night; masticating entire... it was in this place of Arabic religious thought that only a few months earlier the famed, for his erotic touched nude art and his body painting inspirational performances, Iranian-born Arizonian Koonude (he was performing restoration work inside the holy center's most lowest "basement") discovered deep inside the Islamic edifice's cavernous bowels called "basement chambers" an extremely semen colored, mouldy, fungi infested, yet still intact and somewhat readable AL AZIF...

Masterbation, gurglings, spit spat regurgitations...the "official" guidebook for South Korea trys to conjure up "the warm, wonderous and welcoming imagery that Itaewon is the very mecca for 'expats' and tourists alike." By day, the commercial area of the dong, typical tourists trappings, however, by night, it blossoms into a veritable fruitful flowering garden of Eden, kaleidoscopic reflections of broken booze bottles and "soju kettle" drinks...Guttapercha flexible flanks, growing florishing guts for/from beer...tinkle, tinkle, tink tinklings, trickles and gushes, golden rain fountains water fields that never die, waving penises tenaciously trying, as if tentacles, attempting to touch, feel...urine tainted neon embolden sites of ever extending meat/meet markets and "juicy bars"...

Alive and noisome in its own way, Itaewon's infamous seedy enclave self, though, over the past few years, has been spewing ever more spores of artsy fartsy venues. Case in point, the SAN's ("Seoul's Artists Network") regurgitant "Open Mic" has continuously been brought forth bi-weekly as a true nutriment in this notoriously notable territory.

"Are you sure you know where we are?" the notable Ms. Kim Shi-in pointedly requested to no one in particular. "Sure do!" the robust Dr. Anne du Voor's accented English vocals proudly announced, to no one in particular; and the human tableau continued...After one of the more successful open microphone events concluded, several of those involved, including Dr. Koh, Ms. Kim and Dr. du Voor, considered founding members, "Elders," not to mention, some neophytes to the now social ritual, gathered for the event's time honored, casual, yet piquant, "dinners"/feasting meal. For this especially special period of time, the first full moon of the new lunar year, the dinners were placating themselves at the KISS IN THE DARK juicy bar, most noted for its exotically prepared and erotically presented delicacies.

"Here it is, down the left alley," intoned Dr. Anne with unbrideled epicurean lusting glee. "Joining us tonight Dr. Koh? It just got in this morning, the freshest food-stuffs straight from Japan!" boasted the Asian-European diminutive doorman with justified pride. "Friend 'Boris'!...Thank you...that is excellent news!" "The Kiss In The Dark establishment excretes a mainly typical Seoul-si smog stained, dingy and living decrepitude, appearing on its slowly peeling, decaying false veener single story exterior...oh, inside, four full floors into the intestines of Mother Earth, ah, its interior delivers a lustful, luxuriant multi-sensory, exquistely decorated decorum, atmosphere which deftly defiled and defied mere 'word' descriptional phrases for beauty," Dr. Koh delightfully recalled for some newer individuals.

Jejudo-dong..."An Island of pure romance...filled with miles and miles of idyllic beaches that are perfect for...late evening meals and lone strolls... Jeju is so enchanting and welcoming," the Jeju tourist phamplet proclaimed, "Saekdal coast, coastal cliff on the west sewage treament facility...many rectangular and hexagonal rock pillars make up the steep seems otherworldly." The beach with its ever consumming movements of minute glistening stone grains and sea erodic black volcanic produced sands helped the semi-oval large head bone of a deep water marine being, with aid from the island's consistent cutting gusts of free form winds and searing frigid sunshine this time of year, take on the look of a singularly pristine semi-presious skull of a strikingly beauteous white pearl displayed in an artisan's midnight velvet showcase as it laid nestled within the shoreline by full moon light.

"Over here!" shrieked the strictingly cute, amiable, but gawky young girl... By day, that certain day, bi mid-afternoon, the island's children's football skirmish was in full swing with the cranium of a Deep One. Over the air waves came pounding out from AFN's ("Armed Forces' Network") radio show of novelity hit songs, "Fisheads, fisheads, rolly bolly fisheads."

Meanwhile, the creamy statuesque sharp high cheekboned Rei-mi had paused for some left over bosintang with Whasang, the siblings's loyal companion. The powerful R.O.K. statesperson with ever seductive scatalogical shades of brown eyes saw her canine's yearnings, indirect glances..."You certainly are one of us my furry friend," whispered Rei-mi as she slipped a piece of chunky cooked flesh toward where the dog sat; he played with it as would a feline who was pleased with a recent, still living catch.

"You know Whasang," feral eyes of kindness and a listening kind of ears were now attuned to the aural musings of his mistress, "I worry deeply about our Rei-am and all these translations he does...not just our sacred thoughts, what has become the GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK, which he is putting down on actual print material in others' languages as well...but others, like he just transcribed for the artistically gifted, yet owner of a decadent mindset, Koonude"...

Rei-mi's voice was its usual calm and controlled tone, never the less, Whasang had ceased to play with his paws and meat...the voice continued, "Rei-am, my dearest love, doesn't heed the dire warnings of our ancestors concerning the taboo on manifesting aural substance into forms of writing, so one could see it, touch it physically...the legends have never been truly disproved involving this matter, in fact, situations connected to it still occur; scribes', who create the flesh of the written, bodies just disappear...never to be seen again."

The corpse (cadaver: "cadere" = "to fall")...These body fluids,   this defilement, this shit are what life withstands...on the part   of death...Such wastes drop so that I might live...If dying   signifies the other side...the place where I am not and which   permits me to be, the corpse, the most sickening of wastes,   ...has encroached upon everything
   - AN ESSAY ON ABJECTION by Julia Kristeva

Corporeal eroticism but vivsecting grotesque laid bare upon the bungdaeki woven silk of offering epicurean delights...Ms. Kim, whom many consider one of her generation's finest original poets, as well as, translators of her Korean culture's older material (Kim is a deceptive twenty-something; "I eat right," always said by her with a depraved but seeming depreciating yet predacious sly smile) had, with her sensually strong, slender digits, selected a fine fresh bright blood red cherry tomato and dipped, gentle swished it into the carefully placed grounded spicy red chilli peppers and orange fungalish paste with just a hint of Korean red ginseng...which was salaciously stylish in the way it was visually creative, body painted upon a pair of delectable phenol dark sexual areolas and succulently aroused, though undefiled, Japanese teats that were before her...

Shi-in peered over the shapely, slightly smallish sturdy breasts breathing blithely that were part of the nocturnally living serving table...the equally succulent little dripping its juices tomato slipped into Kim's awaiting parted ever so naturally sweet pink cherry blossom lips...simply finishing off her statement, "Jeju has always been Korea's (Joseon Dynasty) place of exile...especially for the more 'artist' types."

Rei-mi's mental state was mystification infesting into what was chanted still within her skull from the Grand Queen's elegant ejaculating rhythm narrative ...all amid now the Soul Chamber's mists born of vitreous oils from liquid candle-lamps alit all around, purity more facade, euphoric gentle torrent of slow motion grotesqueries, arabesques...

Thus was the venerable Queen's historic tale charmingly continued, "Sad, stranger days had folloed the Tcho Tcho people left on the mainland, at various sites where Zee Goe-mools had been birthed through the rites sacred and secretly profane 'forgotten' lore of tantrical rituals of our lord entities, our 'gods,' Lloigor and Zhar..."

Those elongated lubricated royal fingers returned to their place and the queenly glazed look turned to a gaze of wild wonderment...Rei-mi's lids lowered shot up wide, she did not even hear Whasang's sucking and lapping sounds...because of what now was manifesting, "The trusted guardian Tcho Tchos de-evolved into the veritable 'savage image' of the vicious, depraved and humanly decayed, deformed sub-species profanity of the future stock of the Koreana-Korean bloodline made its way onto the peninsula, the encounters were the source, fountainheads of material for nightmarish folk tales and beliefs...these people mis-understanding our, by then, corrupted original maternal tongue name and called these lusty degenerate Tcho Tchos - 'Tokebis' "...

Rei-mi now knew what Rei-am knew, Whasang's senses drove him from the chamber's surroundings with a sinuous strand of salvary meat stuck on one of his canines and Zee Rei's regally sonorous tones continued, "These so called Tokebis were so feared and frightening that eventually mothers controlled their unruly offspring by threatening to offer them up as food to be devoured by the ever famished creaturesque beings...what the West would call 'Will'O Wisps' became 'Tokebi Lights,' which were usually sighted around graveyards and crossroads after the midnight hour in the land of future Korea."

Dr. Anne was autographing her latest tome of verse, LES AMOURS QUE JE VOUS PORTE, "So, how did you enjoy your first taste of our 'Open Mic' ?" "Impressive," responded the portly James "Chucky" Hodges, the accomplished playwright up from Suwon, "that Tahl Ghitter with her performance/living art piece...where she body painted herself to look like Kali Ma and the details, hand crafted all right down to the girdle of dangling dis-embodied limbs and hands!" "Quite," said du Voor as she scooped out substances in and around the finely defined buttocks and thighs that helped make up the serving area...

"You see these various human sized opaque, oozy bas-reliefs of 'mushrooms' on the walls about you? Tahl Ghitter's work, sort of, a cross between polished smooth Klarkash-ton sculpture and Hannes Bok sketches, no?" "Under these amber glittering electric flickering faux candles, they're eerie, emoting a sense of almost alive...reminds me of this old Japanese horror-noir flick; something or other 'Mushroom People.' " Chucky only paused long enough to glance at Dr. Anne's actions, "As I recall very effectively recounted story of these huge mushrooms on a long isolated island, where, eventually, were eaten, absorbed, transforming, something, by these lost folk and they end up becoming one of the mushrooms infesting the island." "Here," Dr. Anne proffered a curious mixture of yeonogji mushrooms, scongge-guk and abalone porridge, "they're as fresh as they come!" In food salute came, "Tahl...she does the Holy Devourer well!"

Shi-in's developed cobra strong body swayed slowly, surely to her left and spoke to spidery, greying Prof. Injukyoski Kie-te, who was sucking busily away on one of the varied Korean tits 'Fore gras' available within the quite large porcelain serving bowl at hand that floated these marvellous items with numerous vegetable oils and melted animal fats, "I heard what happen to your hotel building and all inside down on Jeju." "Yes," the consumptive looking, puffy eyed, 6'+ Asian-American replied, "The very next day, Rei-am had me immediately ship my valuable solid jade dog-shaped pendant back to where I keep it stored in the states...oh, the debris, debauchery of crudely rent apart, detached corpse parts, reeking, sounds of retching..." more Calamansi soda equally laced with lemon flavored soju was heavily imbiled by Kie-te.

"So commanding," the legendary Queen pointed out, "was the real influences of these warped, twisted oofshoots of us living on Jeju that by the time the mainland period marking the start of Buddha belief taking root there, the Tokebi horror invoking, bile inducing visuals to these holy people was so firey intense that a particular level came into existence just for those vile humanesque creatures inside Buddhist 'Hell/Purgatory'...which was to allow the Tokebis a free hand to, as one could say, 'Do their thing, ' unhampered on any soul sent there for their just desserts, punishment." The veracious Zee Rei then added, "Even today, that special level's graphic wooden block illustrations still are in regular public usage within this professed religious order of humans' holiest of texts!"

The sea urchin's pulpy vulvaistic center was wet, soaked with inviting Life's moisture...sitting nicely but securely poised in the groin area on blown dried dark black pubic hairs; garnished all around its boarders with seeds impaled upon, woven among its hard, straight spikes, along with stems of hungry dionsea, byblis, diosera, pinguicula nepenthes...suctioned, squirmy, slippery at times, appendages were making their way down to the pulsating jet silky and round sticky urchin body...little specialized knives penetrated the very center of the urchin symbolic and baby phallic octopus so tenderly aware... inky and bloodied flesh over which the umber hued eyes of Rei Sawaki met her cousin Rei-am's darker piercing orbs of sight.

Upon reflection then came the voice of an uncommon Tcho Tcho Queen, Zee Rei, "Those to serve their time are stripped, strapped naked tightly to these roughly hewn, yet, in their way, straight wooden spirit poles. There is this huge blacken cauldron fueled by numerous flamming faggots...inside, the 'water' blisters, bubbles, festers gapping molten motion spheres and going pop. The Tokebis pace, pranced, reeked obscenely beautiful sweat, and as they circled the awaiting pitch dewed pot...shrieks amist pitched screaming and shrill loud gulps."

Rei Sawaki, with her circular frameless glasses looked like a barn owl with prey sighted, "Cousin, is it true you were caught sans clothes in a long dead Egyptian queen's coffin?' "Yes...supposedly "Queen's Chamber' of the Great might be a sarcophagus." "Same thing." "Not really," came the sultry but husky vocalizations of the muscular sculpted full body of buxom breasted Dr. Anne, "The word 'sarcophapus' has Greek origins, 'sarx' = 'flesh' and 'phagein' = 'to eat,' in other words, a box designed to eat flesh"..."Speaking of which," Dr. Anne gleamed coyly as she faced full forward toward her long time friend Rei-am, he in his full eel leather modified hanbok (Sawaki pictured Anne as a slayed, by an extremely pointed stiletto sharp talon, still pumping current fresh hot blood of as "fallen" mouse "cadaver")..."Tell me, find anything of interest in the Koonude find?" Rei-am, "Possible, it seems the commonly called NECRONOMICON has some missing parts, a you know, I worked with an 'Arabic' AL AZIF...I found a section that could be conceived as a form of the KAMA SUTRA teachings." "Let's get back to more collectable rare normal 'fiction,' came Ms. Kim in her loudest, poetry manuscript public reading voice, "Anyone here ever read the omnibus TALES OF THE CTHULHU MYTHOS?" Heads turned. She continued, after finishing off some raw Shiite musshroom in a quick gulp washing it down with some of her steaming favorite Tazo Chai tea, "It contains a clever novelette by a forty-two (then, when the collection came out) year old American who lived in Seoul for a bit over a decade, James Wade." "What's its title?" queried the Professor. Shi-in replied, "The Deep Ones."

Rei-mi rocked smoothly on the matress as Zee Rei finally came and finished, "At just the right moment, the once tied bondage style individuals were plopped perfectly into that certain dried blood-dark kettle, splashing only slightly the staid liquid contents...Tokebis had such practiced pitching perfection, such artistic style, apomb, grace and taste...impeccably timed to when human flesh was bright, shinning bruised fresh skin and Bing cherry blossoms before dropping, dying hued nipples; the boiled bulk of skin et. al. would split off from the bone, leaving those still sweaty looking living hunks of meat...oh, the slabs of meat were soaking, steamy raw before being truly considered 'cooked'...skeletal things simply sat as muscular sinewy plump outlines, sated and slaked continuously to the forever issuing beat pounding bursts of musical burps."

Vomit was spat, hacked up from down deep, cascading over teeth and smeared lips into the cold anticipating squating porcelain "god's throne" inside the Prof.'s stall, while Rei-am's gymnastic tawny framework hunkered down over his divinely cool Korean style toilet, which was nothing more than a pharynx, hole in the ground. "You really need to watch how much soju you consume, especially, the fruity flavored type like the cherry and lime ones you've been having freely flowing through your gullet tonight," Dr. Koh commented dryly as he started to release his internal offering of bodily fluids...Kie-te continued spewing out what remained of his meal up to then...Rei-am paused, muscles tensed, then, released, pointed out to the aging professor/teacher of biology, "Eating as fast as you throw down the, my, sir, it's bound to regurgitate like a mother bird feeding its young." But," Kie-te whined, I can't pass up those saubrious yet saucy 'Great Tits' of Korea."

Professor Injukyoski, suddenly yet sullenly, asked respected scientist worldwide, Rei-am, with a slurpy but surprisingly dignified voice, "The other evening Rei-mi strongly suggested to me that since Japanese women from time immortal have enjoyed active pharyngula sex and the Deep Ones unrestrained carnal lust for knowledge by having like active intercourse with so called 'pure' homo-sapien females, together, they make the proverbial 'carrot'...I really should offer helping to get for them/Dagon a 'government agreement' all around concerning the establishing of an EOD ("Esoteric Order of Dagon") in my Japanese home port of Osaka. Honestly, do you think they would go for it?" Rei-am simply smiled, sensing his sister's famed diplomatic touch at work, then, "Oh yes, can certainly trust my sister's experienced political instincts for making successful deals ...and, as some of our American business aquaintances would say, 'They'll eat it up!' "

"Mother Rei will even specially cater the finalizing ceremony, Rei-am pleasantly stated, "As long as, the Deep Ones provide the bulk of fresh aquatic meat...after all, it would be a grave insult on their part if they didn't, since the Japanese are world reknown for their culinary expertise when it comes to the freshest of seafood dishes, in particular, 'Samshimi.' " Kie-te managed a wry looking pair of lips before speaking again, "My Japanese father's jewelry business should be able to put together some sweet deals, notably with precious metals...sort of, shall we be honest here, the meat, the bottom line?" Rei-am, "If you say so."

"When the soju oblation is poured, all uncertainy is washed away"...the voices swirled throughout the party goers, however, it was curvaciously solid, for a young Japanese woman, Rei Sawaki who was the first to sincerely notice,"Where's Dr. Koh?' "Just disappeared." Chucky pressed on, "There is an Oceania legend about a wrongly accused man, buried in a coffin that was made from a special local island tree used for such things, eventually, he came back for his revenage, as a walking mutant tree." With that, another esophagus flooding round of "Pocari Sweat" and potent soju cocktails cheers were belched out..."Another tree died for our sins, another pulpy holy book," gurgled the Professor...

Inundating gormandizing so typical of such Itaewon wastes, however, something primal was released; alkaloid hallucinogens virulent/riotous cancerous things turning real and turning those about into a metabolic germination of "sin eaters" with a DNA twist...they realized..."How?", finally arose. Dr. Anne, with her dulled sapphire eyes looked at all, "Welcome to Itaewon"...some others knew more than others, like the sole Catholic among them with his "wine, wafer and transmigration" beliefs..."Ah, Faith," quietly proclaimed a lurid but tonsil generated dulcet titillation tones; no one knew from whom for sure. Those remaining turned to gouging and ingesting the meal's remains, while it still moved...the hulkish Russian-born dwarf, who met them all earlier as Kiss In The Dark's doorman, sat on the edge of the room's topmost step waiting to clean-up the more and more waste objects finding their way onto the once shiny, shiny floor. Reimi Wakana was a good, dedicated and loyal employee.

The Soul Chamber, skull shaped, carved out of viened polished wood without any angles was teeming...suck, lascivious labial lacreation, nascent mother's breast fluid milky tinged with crimson; "Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother's milk;" "(Yidhra) 'devoured the octopus and learned to put forth a tentacle;' " arms without hands, not stumps as trees, but tapering into..;" Rei-mi's andante adjustment of her wonderous rump, defined chest cavity and pura lucent covering plus, as well as, constrictor arms/legs...right at that particular moment for unexplicable reasons, Rei-am's voice came to life, "One of the key differences between the two texts is one stresses eating only that which is 'dead' and ours 'alive' ('That which is swallowed living, comes back to lead; and that which is swallowed dead, comes back to serve' - GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK)"

Rei-mi, "And our great grand mother Koh Rei-ho?" Rei-am was "back" at that orgiastic feast/mire, so far below the sacred city of Alaozar...Protean loathly soft sprayed putrid amaranthinean blossoms of every sexual fluid abounded, bounded, bonded all within and without...great grand ma ma Koh Rei sang as a drunken siren, "The gods must be fed"...intoxicating insinuate scents excrescence crested carnivorous coitus dripping outer darkness of efflorescences, not to mention, body parts that weren't..."Ah, my sweet young Rei-am, always 'thinking'...remember those lines from one of your favorite DARK BUTTERFLY cuts? 'Death doesn't care if you live or die/Doesn't matter/The body is used just the same' "

An overly obscenely engorged phallical funnel rose out of amorous mire like a primo surfer's a palable tentacle-like thing in an offering mode with Rei-ho stradling it blatently seductive, she bellowed, drooling, "Eat Me!" Rei-am stared with awe and wide wonder at what seemingly all around him in constant activity. Then, before his incredulous eyes, this incorporeal but fertilization; a gargantuan hunching tumultuously twisting munching mucous muck of mulch creator tuber became a vagina dentata of enormous dimensions, maw gapping...she was just gone, changed again "eyeing" Rei-am...the feminine voice he knew quietly spoke, "If you have any luck, Zhar, herself, will teach you how to..." Rei-am heard ever so softly captive in the living darkness, "All will be fine."


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