Prose Poetry and Plays Tributes to Clark Ashton Smith

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Dennis L. Siluk

“If it had not been for the temple harlot, goddess of Uruk, Shamhat, there would not have been an Epic of Gilgamesh, for she it… ” (8 December)

Phillip A. Ellis

“Under a dying sun as dull as the bubble of last blood that swells and drops from the lips of a dying child, as a… ” (17 November)

Leigh Blackmore

“I have dreamed long of a certain remote vale, where the dark green boughs of luxuriant trees rise to the sky like lazily imploring sprites.… ” (30 October)

Michael Fantina

“Breathlessly I watched the trembling translucent curtains as a misty image transformed itself on the airy balcony. A slender sylph-like creature formed herself into existence… ” (30 March)


Phillip A. Ellis

“Evenings, Tropaion would climb up the hill to the north of the village, sunlight decaying to dusk. In the winter, his breath was like steam,… ” (30 October)

Michael Fantina

“The polished plateau-procured white oak, bound with iron hasps held the table top fast, a field whereon the sorcerer took sustenance for mind, body and… ” (11 October)

Phillip A. Ellis

“Suns that sparkle in the dew of the roses of Zothique transform to ruby each drop they fall through.

Each ruby has no price that… ” (11 October)

Ian Sherred

“In autumn, the black cars emerge. Dark and shining as newly hatched beetles, they glide through the pine forest roads into the mountains. They carry… ” (11 April)

John Gale

“Once, I kissed your lips, Aevernia, but they were lips of glass only, cold and endusted. Upon my withered lips, cold and dust. O for… ” (10 March)


John Gale

“The three panels are of rosewood, their backs paned with ivory-hued satin and hinged with strips of delicate silk, flushed with the palest lapis lazuli… ” (11 February)


Fermín Moreno González

“Once upon a time a haughty Shahir princess challenged whimsically her trusty devoted lover on asking him a riddle which the selfsame fennec God had… ” (11 December)

Gavin Edmund Smith

“The grove of the ancient willows was dark, yet strangely luminous with the light of filtered moonbeams. The gentle breezes spoke softly to the hanging… ” (11 June)


Phillip A. Ellis

“This is a tale concerning Nerikh the poet, and Roshiel the Damned. For Nerikh was not only a poet, but was also an Archipriest of… ” (31 May)


Sandor Szabo

“In the dim, silk-shrouded depths of a nameless opium den I take a gilded dragon's tongue between my lips. Inhaling the scented smoke that conjures… ” (11 April)


Phillip A. Ellis

“Who knows what number of travellers have sought ceaselessly through silent time for the meadows of ebony? What foot has trodden on that life-forsaken plain… ” (16 November)

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