Tsathoggua And Shathak Mate

Frederick J. Mayer

Tsathoggua, nonanthropomophic of feral feeding, has given monsterous beautiful seed of mateship to Shathak,
terpsichorian where plants devour the animalistic for foetus deep withing bowels and womb of living, erupting earth that knows so well scars of birth and pangs of death... psychopompian dance partners...infinite improvisational steps, positions they can teach...liquid stone fluids fluidity bowers discharged, nurture the unity of two forbidden knowledge givers where cadavers' shadows cower - so let us drink to that on the passing hours.

The firmament of heavens mere relections of flagrant flanks all a quiver shimmering floriculture flout flucluation and noxious nuptial oblivion - so let's drink to that mordant amorphous amphorous juices of morbidity passions entwined with a heaving of a mordant lava ever molten through the tubes, veins of each other, sexual sucking choreography nourishment choirs...

Held constrictions explode into terra firma's cosmic part; let us drink on the passing through of their Zvilpopghua!

Written down by scribe/recorder Mor Jam-dou
Translation from GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK by Dr.Koh Rei-am

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