Tcho Tcho'S 'Brotherhood Of The Star Treader'

Frederick J. Mayer

Lloigor gargantuan of "Twin Obscenties" winged mound of ululating tentacles controls great winds. The wind, the cold, freezing frigid wind has been travelling for forever millions of years...but, the twisted trees, gnarled, wicked whispers turned with praying fingers spread toward the sky.

Yet, those dried wooden spikes of natural shape and beauty never felt the wind's caress nor any flesh felt the
same dear...Wind moves the fluid blood through the veins, the cranium temple crimson water, thrist is slaked
inside that wetness that floats that fresh juicy mass palates, pulsates, pulse, lightning flash and the waves
and wind dance the insanity macabre...

Finally, the wind whips into wisps and leaves the inside high and dry and dying, dead, the bodies have fed the earth so in this way and manner the different elements aid each other.

Written down by scribe/recorder Mor Jam-dou
Translation from GUMI-GAN-OK CHAEK by Dr. Koh Rei-am

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