Broken Jade Sutras

Frederick J. Mayer

Attributed To The Grand Queen Zee Rei:

#1 "It Begins"

State of Grace, state of Sin
Inside looking out
This is how it begins
Hunger and Eros with no doubt
Without and Within.

#2 "To Live"

That which is swallowed Living,
It will return Alive
That which is eaten Dead,
It will return to Serve.

#3 "Flowers of Night"

Flowers are bane
For nightmares
And when to enter sanity
The realm inside sane
Flowers provide me.

#4 "Wildflowers"

True Wild flowers Skyward blossom,
Kaleidoscope stare
Views the Celestial
To find the elusive
Pasture of Space.

#5 "Dark Butterfly"

Love is passing Is it going your way,
See the Dark Butterfly flying by,
Love is passing

* It should be noted that terms like "sutra" and "psalm" are not the original term used in the Tcho Tcho language, however, they are the closest in meaning when the oral traditional words are translated to printed text.

Translations from the Tcho Tcho holy/unholy codex "Book of Cracked Jade" are done by Dr. Kohl Rei-am.

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