To Clark A. Smith [Arriving in Hell]

Dennis L. Siluk

When CAS, made his decent,
(Paid his toll, before he left—
       Earth’s crust)
Proud he was when he appeared
At dock #666 Hell’s Northern Pier.

There stood Satan himself—
Opening the gates, “Drop the oars,”
He said, formal and brief: “You are
Amongst friends, the Dead, who
Never die, nor ever sleep…!” And
His ten-wings snapped insanely.

There was the Henchman, Agaliarept
Ruler of an army in Hell; he leaped to
His feet, held out his hand—saw the
       Scorn on his face, said:
“Welcome, your are home my friend!”

His eyes—vile, a hoary-red; he
Stepped up onto the dock, over the
Ash-dark canopy (called a sky)
Saw Satan taking off his ten-winged
Ring, said: with a whisper to CAS:
“Wake thy eyes, and make me a
poem that will never die…!”

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